Impromtu Outing with my Daughter


Final weekend there was a quick break in the cold, blustery, rainy climate so I decided to take benefit of the predicament and take my daughter out on a day adventure to a handful of of my favourite spots. The 1st spot we stopped was a spot named “Radar Tower Hill.” The radar tower it got its name for is extended gone, but if you know exactly where to appear the footings from the tower nevertheless stay. In the center of these footings is a US Coast and Geodetic Survey benchmark. So I taught my daughter what they have been and how surveyors use them. There are 3 or 4 in the quick region so I showed her these as effectively.


On the way down from Radar Tower Hill, we located 1 of the most pristine White Birch trees I have ever observed. I invest a lot of time in the woods and at 1 point worked for the county forestry and I have by no means came across such a stunning tree.


Subsequent we went to a rocky outcropping identified as Corrigan’s Lookout. This is by far on my list of major three locations to be. As you can see from my beard it was a windy day. Helicopter pilots have been identified to use my beard as a wind indicator in order to make secure landings.


Just after sitting on the edge of Corrigan’s lookout for a though, my daughter and I decided we wanted a warm beverage. It was also windy on major for my pocket stove so we went down a bit on the leeward side of the hill and located a fantastic spot to make coffee/hot cocoa.


***** Overview TIME *****
These of you who know me, know I am a coffee fiend. I reside and breathe coffee. I will make certain there is area in my pack for some sort of coffee brewing device. That becoming stated I do not like immediate coffees. There is only 1 I have located that I like. I will drink it in a pinch (immediately after all immediate coffee is far better than no coffee) but I choose actual brewed coffee. That is why these tiny guys caught my eye.


They open up and have these tiny tabs that slip more than the edge of your mug. You then pour hot water more than the grounds and violà you got fresh brewed coffee. If you give them a attempt I propose holding the tabs with 1 hand though you pour the water. I had to fish the bag out of my mug after. Perhaps I just wasn’t diligent sufficient when pulling the tabs more than my mug.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm Coffee


Although we have been sitting enjoying our beverages I heard a rustle in the leaves a tiny under us. I looked more than and I saw a porcupine. Shuffle more than to a nearby tree and commence to climb it. Upon additional inspection I saw that it came from a tiny den at the base of the rock ledge we have been sitting close to.


By the time we completed our drinks the porcupine was at the major of the tree munching on bark. The major of the tree was pretty much completely level with the major of the rocky region we have been sitting close to so we decided to climb back up major and attempt to get a image. As we approached quietly it was as if the porcupine knew we have been attempting to get a image and I swear he turned to face the sun and struck a pose just for my camera.


All in all it was a terrific day. Not only that, but on the way dwelling my daughter stated, “Dad, currently was entertaining. We must do this extra usually.” She and I employed to go out in the woods collectively all the time when she was younger, but now that she is getting into her middle teen years I was concerned she would not be interested any longer. Nothing at all produced me happier than hear her say that.



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