Overview: SKINS DNAmic ULTIMATE Starlight tights


SKINS compression clothes for runners and other athletes incorporates the collection named DNAmic ULTIMATE. This utilises “performance-boosting DNAmic Gradient Compression tech” for “support and stabilisation” of leg muscle tissues. I have tested the SKINS DNAmic ULTIMATE  Starlight women’s tights.

Characteristics contain:

  • DNAmic ULTIMATE Gradient Compression
  • Warp knitted mix of yarns for a “carefully calculated level of stretch to supply controlled compression and durability”
  • SKIN Match sizing primarily based on an “unique Physique Mass Index/anthropometrical algorithm”
  • Biomechanically positioned panels and seams
  • 50+ UV protection
  • HeiQ for temperature handle “like a second skin”.
  • 360˚ reflective logos
  • Smaller non-zipped internal waistband pocket
  • Styles for guys and females
  • 4 distinctive sizes for females
  • Nine distinctive sizes for guys
  • Complete length and 7/8ths length versions
  • £110
  • See SKINS.

What’s great about SKINS DNAmic ULTIMATE Starlight tights

The DNAmic ULTIMATE Starlight tights have been created with what SKINS describe as their “most sophisticated compression technologies to improve muscle oxygenation, stabilise active muscle tissues and cut down blood lactate develop up, which enhances efficiency and speeds up recovery time”.

I have worn a quantity of SKINS solutions more than the years and even though I can not be confident they supply improved compression rewards compared to other brands, I do uncover myself deciding on the tights more than any other individuals.

I uncover that the compression on muscle tissues tends to make me really feel as even though they are effectively supported and often even provides me a bit of an power enhance. I do not know if this is possibly all in my head but I normally run effectively when I am wearing SKINS.

The length of the complete Starlight tights is a great match for me. I have extended legs and all also frequently other brands are a bit brief.

The basic shape and reduce of the tights is great though you do will need to get utilized to them becoming so tight. SKINS sate that the compression operates most effective when the fabric is tight against the skin.

The tights have distinctive panels to supply lesser or higher compression in many locations and these seem to have been effectively believed out by designers. For instance, there is higher assistance about the glutes, hamstrings and calves.

The fabric is soft and silky but also tough. I have owned some SKINS tights for much more than a decade and even though they have lost a bit of elasticity they are nevertheless great adequate to put on for a run or hike. The seams are nevertheless intact and the fabric has not worn thin.

This brings me to the expense.
SKINS are not low cost but they do final a pretty extended time so, in my opinion, they
make a great investment.

There is a further function of the
fabric, the HeiQ temperature handle detail, which SKINS claim: “When cold, it
keeps you feeling warm. When hot it cools you down and keeps you dry.”

The temperature handle
function is hard to gauge for the reason that I can not evaluate how my legs would really feel on
a run compared to wearing a further pair of tights. Even so, on the complete, I
Starlight tights do maintain my leg temperature pretty even. Unless it is
pretty cold and windy, I have not noticed my legs feeling also hot or also cold
even though operating. I have tested them in a variety of climate situations, also.

There are some locations of
reflectivity for evening operating, which is a great function, though see my points

The addition of UV50+ is a
good touch if you strategy to run in complete-length tights in sunshine.

There is a variety of nine
sizes for guys, which is superb, and 4 for females. See under for my additional

Men’s version of he SKINS DNAmic ULTIMATE tights

What’s not so great about SKINS DNAmic ULTIMATE Starlight tights

At times I really feel that brands more than-sell on new solutions. I can not inform if the new compression technologies is any improved than the final version. As shoppers, I be concerned we are becoming encouraged to acquire one thing new when the older version was just as great? Who knows?

It is also difficult to know if
recovery is enhanced with a single sort of compression technologies more than a further.
There are so numerous variables when operating such as the terrain, distance, what
you have carried out more than the days just before, what you consume and drink etc…

The match of the SKINS appears to have changed a bit more than the years. I do not feel my shape has changed substantially but I uncover that SKINS for females are tighter and larger about the waist then they utilized to be. I substantially favor a decrease waist so I am not a massive fan of the newest style for the reason that the waist rises up also higher for my comfort. Even so, I do know that numerous females like a larger waist so I anticipate they will like the match of the Starlights. I’d like a decision of waist heights.

Even though there are nine
distinctive sizes for guys, there are only 4 for females. It would be great to
have a wider variety for females, also.

The claim of 360-degree
reflective visibility is correct but a tiny far fetched. Even though there are some
terrific reflective specifics on the front region of the tights, each at the waistband
and the shins, there is only a compact logo at the rear and pretty higher up on the

Also, I wonder how substantially of
the front waistband reflective will be visible as soon as persons add a operating major or
jacket. I feel the reflective specifics will need to be redesigned.

I would like to see a zipped
pocket rather than a non-zipped inner pocket on the waist band. Putting
something in the pocket that is not flat creates an annoying rub on the decrease

Conclusion: SKINS
are a dependable brand and hugely regarded for compression technologies. I do uncover
that they give terrific assistance and, on balance, help muscle endurance and
recovery. This newest version is effectively made in basic though there are a
couple of compact capabilities that could be enhanced. It would be terrific to have a wider
variety of sizes for females.


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