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Pocket pistols supply a compact, lightweight strategy to concealed carry and what superior model to discover than the classic Beretta 950 BS.

The Beretta 950 BS’ history starts in the 1950s with its predecessor the 950B. Manufactured by the Italian enterprise and imported to U.S. customers, the 950B’s attain was correctly halted in 1968 by the Gun Manage Act due to its lack of external security. Beretta was on best of it although, popping a manual security on that pocket pistol thereby building the Beretta 950 BS for American customers.

Beretta 950 BS

The Beretta 950 BS gives a micro-compact style. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

The pistol garnered praise and recognition in the 1980s, appearing in a rash of motion pictures like Octopussy, Lethal Weapon and The Huge Quick, to name a handful of. Close to and dear to numerous hearts, the 950 BS has remained an alternative for these wanting to par down their carry load.

The Beretta 950 BS

Beretta 950 BS

To comply with the Gun Manage Act of 1968, the Beretta 950B got an update with a manual security. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

Chambered in .25 ACP, the 950 BS brings a centerfire round to the pocket pistol arena. Boasting a two.four-inch barrel with weight hovering just below 10-ounces, the Beretta 950 BS gives a capacity of eight+1 rounds. As previously talked about, the 950 BS sports a manual security and also nevertheless opts for the half-cock — a good function for concealed carry enthusiasts.

The 950 BS offers a exceptional action featuring a flip-up barrel. It tends to make sense provided how smaller this gun is, generating slide manipulations incredibly tough. Beretta sticks to a steel upper and alloy reduce, providing the gun a good really feel. At the variety alongside Winchester 50-grain ammo, the 950 BS faired nicely at five to 7-yards.

Beretta 950 BS

The 950 BS functions a flip-up barrel. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

Final Thoughts

Beretta 950 BS

The magazine gives an eight-round capacity. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

Although Beretta place the kibosh on the 950 BS style, relegating it to collectors and the utilized industry, the enterprise does manufacture the Beretta 21A. The 21A gives a related slimmed-down style sans the flip-up barrel. Whilst I wouldn’t carry either as my main carry gun, the Beretta 950 BS and it is updated companion the 21A make superb back-up guns.

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