Red Flag Laws, Eavesdropping Waiters and Yep, Seizing Your Guns: It really is Taking place!


Courtesy of Martha Vineyard Occasions by Wealthy Saltzberg

Consider getting an 84-year old veteran of the Korean War and obtaining a hearty bacon-and-eggs breakfast at your regional diner with a pal.

Now visualize whilst refilling your coffee, the eavesdropping waitress hears you say the words “shooting” and “school” in the exact same sentence.

It is quite difficult to visualize what truly takes place subsequent:  your regional Massachusetts police show up at your elementary college crossing-guard job to escort you residence so they can seize your guns.

And then visualize, since you applied the words “shooting” and “school” whilst  taking a bite of toast at a diner that you are fired from the job you secured since you have been lonely soon after your wife died and in addition to – you like youngsters.

This is not some sensational Television drama people – this is genuine life in the back-asswards age of red-flag laws.

Whilst lately obtaining breakfast with a pal, Stephen Nichols talked about his issues about a college resource officer who was evidently prone to take frequent coffee breaks, leaving his post each and every morning.  Troubled by a lack of law enforcement presence, Nichols stated he was worried somebody would come “shoot up the college.”

On the strength of these couple of words, a nosy waitress known as the Tisbury Police about what she overheard, and the Police Chief Mark Saloio and a different officer relieved the 84-year-old of his crossing guard duties whilst he was escorting children across the street.  They then drove to his residence and removed his firearms license and guns.  Any paperwork supplied for the seizure?  Any due course of action?  Nope.

Outraged however?  How about petrified? If this does not make just about every law-abiding gun owner’s head explode, we do not know what will.  If it could occur to an 84-year-old college crossing guard since of some some reckless waitress, it could occur to any a single of us.

In an interview with the Martha Vineyard Occasions, Nichols stated he’s been legally licensed for firearms because 1958.  He has “worked in auxiliary roles with the Tisbury Police for a staggering six decades and has also been a court officer and constable.”  Plus, the college indicated that crossing guards are “hired, educated and scheduled totally by the police division.”  But consider on this:  even if Nichols hadn’t worked with such neighborhood distinction, the seizure of a law-abiding citizen’s firearms – on the word of a comprehensive stranger – is contemptible.  Due to the fact when does voicing concern more than the security of innocent youngsters translate to an unconstitutional cluster?

If it could occur to an 84-year-old college crossing guard since of some some reckless waitress, it could occur to any a single of us.

In his personal heartfelt words, Nichols expressed deep issues for the security of Tisbury College: “When I was in the United States Army — and it wasn’t just me, it is anyone who’s in the United States service — if you are on guard duty for eight hours, you didn’t leave that position. And I’m just so accustomed to that … [So] when I see somebody who’s supposed to be safeguarding children leave the college unguarded — if you are on guard duty, you keep there.”

Wouldn’t the planet be a much better location if a lot more individuals had such a sincere dedication to duty?

Following the incident, the pal to whom he produced the “reported” comment stated Nichols was no threat of any sort and that the fallout was “absurd.”  The public outcry was heavy and fortunately, the college relented and gave him his job back.  But the fate of his guns remains unclear and the Tisbury Police are refusing to comment.

Governor Gavin Newsom lately signed a slew of anti-gun bills – some of which expand red-flag laws in California.  He was quoted as saying the new laws would “assure continued accomplishment” and that “This is a different tool in the toolkit from these that know men and women the most. What’s inevitable is you are going to see these expansions in other components of the nation, and I consider this will also expand the debate in Congress.”

God aid us.




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