Savage Arms New six.five PRC Rifles


Savage 6.5 PRC

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – Oct 23, 2019 – Fans of the quick-action powerhouse six.five PRC have new solutions from Savage Arms. The higher ballistic coefficient of the bullet combined with the energy of the cartridge tends to make this an excellent pairing and these rifles provide the six.five PRC’s magnum possible with Savage’s legendary accuracy.

The six.five Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) is primarily a supercharged six.five Creedmoor. The round has tremendous velocity, even at extended ranges. Even though this increases accuracy at higher distances, the six.five PRC is substantially a lot more than a target round. The improve in velocity converts to excellent force on effect. This mixture of accuracy and energy has created the six.five PRC a favored of extended-variety hunters.

“Some hunters are hesitant about to pull the trigger on animals at longer ranges,” mentioned Beth Shimanski, Director of Advertising at Savage Arms. “Some rounds basically shed their capability to transfer adequate power as they slow down. Not the six.five PRC. Savage’s new six.five PRC rifles are capable of match-grade accuracy and lethal terminal ballistic functionality.”

Savage is pleased to supply many configurations in six.five PRC. The 110 Tactical rifles supply elevated capacity from their box magazines. The 110 Higher Nation characteristics TrueTimber Strata camouflage, producing it a favored for hunters. The featherweight 110 Apex is uncomplicated to carry as it is to get on target.

Aspect No. / Description / MSRP

22312 / Model 10 GRS six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $1,449

57419 / 110 Higher Nation six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $1,129

57490 / 110 Tactical six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $799

57492 / 110 Tactical Desert six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $799

57595 / 110 Apex Hunter six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $699

57596 / 110 Apex Storm six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $749

57597 / 110 Engage Hunter six.five PRC 24-inch barrel / $639


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