Scrubba Overview: Is It Fantastic For Campsite Laundry?


Enjoy camping, hate laundry?

Me, as well – so when I saw a video for a item known as The Scrubba, I believed I’d give it a attempt.

My preference, when camping, is to normally pack lightly, but I get tired of wearing dirty clothing. Going to a laundromat is not my concept of a very good time when I’m in the outdoors.

Some campgrounds, such as KOA, do have pretty handy laundry regions. Nevertheless, my trials had been performed at regions exactly where I would have had to drive to do laundry, plus get quarters and soap that wasn’t my concept of enjoyable camping.

This requires me back to the Scrubba, and my laundry camping experiment.

What Is The Scrubba?

It is a pretty sturdy plastic bag for washing clothing. You add water, laundry soap, your dirty clothing, and you scrub away.

There is a nubby washboard inside the bag, which gently scrubs your clothing, ostensibly generating them additional-clean. It has two handy fill lines on the outdoors of it, along with modest diagrams, so you know how a lot to place into the bag. This is not created for significant loads, of course.

Does The Scrubba Perform?

How did it operate? Right here is my assessment.

Trial A single was use of the Scrubba at its most standard: Cold water wash and rinse, even though camping. I decided to do a modest load of underwear.

The very first step was to fill it to the acceptable line with water. I then added a teaspoon of laundry soap, made use of the spoon to stir up the soap, and added the clothing.

Then, I rolled down the top rated, clipped it, turned the valve and squeezed it to release air. The wash cycle therefore started, with a kneading motion. This gets your clothing in make contact with with the constructed-in washboard. I did this for about seven minutes.

Then, I unclipped the clips to drain out the dirty water. I located that if I began at the back and rolled it, that worked a bit like a wringer.

I then re-filled with clean water and repeated the procedure, then unclipped, drained, attempted to wring issues out and hung the laundry about.

This element is difficult when camping, unless you have a modest clothesline and clips (which are pretty handy). I extremely advocate this addition to your camping gear.

clothes drying campsite

For Trial Two, my atmosphere was diverse – this time, we had been an off-grid cabin that had operating, heated, water. I bought some clothesline and clothespins, and my husband hung two pretty study lines in between two firs.

I also bought laundry soap and modest bottle Oxy-clean (a luxury, but nicely worth it).

For my subsequent experiment, I went with some dirty t-shirts. A single had coffee stains, so I hit these with the Oxy-clean, and let the shirt sit for a bit.

Once more, I filled the bag with water to the acceptable mark, this time applying warm water. As soon as filled with water, I added a teaspoon of laundry soap, and stirred it about.

I added the t-shirts, clipped, squeezed out air, and kneaded. I genuinely worked this load really hard. It is not a terrible spot to get your aggressions out, a lot like pounding chicken breasts or shaking dirty rugs.

Just after about eight minutes, I unclipped, drained, and re-filled with clean water. Just after draining, I did a small additional gentle wringing just before hanging the shirts up on a clothesline.

scrubba in use
credit: REI

I realized how a lot an old-fashioned wringer would be good to have at a cabin. I hung up the shirts, and was pleased to see that the coffee stains had been barely noticeable. The clothing dried inside 4 hours in the mountain air and smelled amazing.

I got cocky for Trial 3, deciding to wash some beach towels that smelled musty. I could only do one particular towel at a time, and my tips is to get a companion to assist you wring the towel out.

Nevertheless, it could be performed. I was pleased that they came out so clean and fluffy.

By this time, I was so enthralled with the Scrubba that I bought a pretty low-cost laundry basket in town, when we went in for groceries. That also created my laundry-life a lot easier.

Trial 4 involved sheets when some guests left. Once more, I could only do one particular sheet at the time, and then did the pillowcases in one more load.

It worked, even though, and I was in a position to re-make the bed with fresh, crispy, fir-scented sheets. Speak about luxurious camping.

I did chicken out when it came to washing our jeans. The region exactly where we each camped and cabin-camped was surrounded with red (clay) dirt, and I didn’t believe I could possibly get it out. In retrospect, I want I had attempted them.

As to warm water versus cold: My cold/cold loads came out in an acceptable way, but I believe the loads exactly where I made use of warm water had been far better. When camping, if you preserve a kettle or pot going with some hot water, this will assist the lead to.

Also, when camping, you will need to have a flat spot to operate on, so appear for a significant rock. Alternatively, perhaps you will be fortunate adequate to have a picnic table, or camping table, to operate on.

The Scrubba bag is exceptionally sturdy and survived my pummeling each and every morning with out complaint. I made use of it for 3 weeks, each and every morning, and was in a position to preserve up on clean clothing. It folds to a pretty compact size so I can wholeheartedly advocate it for camping or cabin-camping.

I paid $54.95 for my Scrubba. I was concerned that it was a small on the pricey side.

Nevertheless, following undertaking laundry with it for 3 + weeks, and obtaining it hold up completely, I believe I’ll be in a position to use it for years to come.

Weirdly, I located it sort of enjoyable, and it was gratifying to take down fresh , fir-infused laundry each and every afternoon and fold it away. If I had had any children about, this would have been a very good chore for them.

I believed about what my mom went by means of for years when we camped, and how grateful she would have been for this handy item.

Rating: A. Excellent item, effortless to use, super benefits. If you are interested, verify it out on REI or Amazon.

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