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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

dueling tree
Codeuce dueling tree produced to manage low power.

This report covers:

  • From Codeuce
  • Interested
  • Some assembly essential
  • Yes, it truly functions!
  • M1 Carbine
  • Testing with steel BBs
  • Target operated completely
  • Testing with Dust Devils
  • Clever Shot
  • Modified target
  • Summary

Numerous weeks ago, reader Codeuce contacted me with a new project he was operating on — a dueling tree for decrease-powered BB guns. You may perhaps keep in mind the spinner target he constructed.

Today’s target is also an action target, but with a large distinction. I’ll let him inform you what he initial told me.

From Codeuce

“It is a “down to about 1ft-lb capable shooting tree”.  Yes, you can have enjoyable with a shooting tree with the Red Ryder!

“The brief version — I realized I was possessing a ton of enjoyable with the large tree “dueling” and “racing” guns like the Vectis, Sumatra, Nova Freedom, and AT44.  But I couldn’t shoot that tree with my son, as he’s 12 and does not have something close to the about 18 ft-lb necessary to flip these paddles.  I remembered a bud speaking about bending and flattening inexpensive spoons for use as targets, and, effectively, a single point led to one more.  Very good shooting with the Red Ryder is sufficient to flip it.  So any BB gun shooting in the neighborhood of 300 fps will operate.  That implies instruction pistols like the Sig P226 really should flip it as well.  Does not that open a planet of entertaining practice?

“The BB ricochet difficulty is of course not to be ignored, but I have two observations with regards to that: a) frangible BBs do exist, although I do not know if they’ll transfer sufficient power to flip the paddle b) momentum laws would say that as extended as the spoon is no cost to spin, half the power goes to moving the spoon.  That implies any possible bounce back has currently lost about half of its power.  In our enjoyment, we’ve however had any bounce back that we’ve noticed.

“I’d also add, it is truly shines with guns like the Crosman 73 Saddle Pal, and Walther Lever Action.  Honestly, the 73 was in all probability the most enjoyable of them all.  Pity these are not nevertheless produced.”


I was interested mainly because I am operating on a project to bring some informal shooting competitors to the Pyramyd Air Cup subsequent year. Out of the hundreds of folks who attend, only the semi-pros and very sophisticated amateur shooters in fact get to compete. Does not that appear reversed? Could this dueling tree be the answer? Is it trustworthy sufficient and rugged sufficient to stand up tho a lot of shooting? I necessary to know, so I asked Codeuce to send a single for me to test.

Some assembly essential

As you see in the initial photo, the target is mounted on a extended section of five/16-inch threaded rod. He didn’t want to ship that, which I understood totally. I can get the similar rod at my hardware shop, so he sent six of the paddle mechanisms. I purchased an 18-inch length of rod plus the channel material for the base and a couple other items like washers to get began. Once it was assembled I did some testing correct away.

Yes, it truly functions!

The initial test was thriving. This target truly does operate. The spoons have to be loose sufficient to swing freely but not so loose that they wobble and rob power from the shot. Let’s appear at some detail.

dueling tree detail
This photo shows a lot of detail. You can see the bent wire that stops the paddles when they swing about. But it also produced me wonder about the yellow standoff rod that holds the spoon mechanism away from the threaded rod. Is it needed? The yellow paddle at the top rated is not a portion of the target I am testing.

When I assembled the target I place just 3 spoons on my 18-inch threaded rod, as I was only testing the notion. And that got me shooting correct away.

M1 Carbine

I chose the new Springfield Armory M1 Carbine to test the target. I wanted accuracy which that gun has in spades and I also wanted a semiautomatic mainly because, let’s be sincere — that is what this target is all about.

Testing with steel BBs

My initial test involved shooting steel BBs, mainly because I wanted to know about bounceback. Steel BBs do bounce back from tough targets, and that is a security concern. I shot from inside my tiny patio slab that opens on the back yard and, mainly because the threaded rod I utilized was low. I was shooting into the ground behind the target.

Out of about 30 BBs that have been shot one did came back. It didn’t come straight back at me, it veered off the the side about 10-15 feet, but it did return. I could hear it hit the property at low velocity. So Codeuce is correct about the bounceback concern it is drastically lowered. But it is not eliminated, and that is what I wanted.

Target operated completely

I was shooting 12-15 feet from the target and the paddles operated completely. I had to loosen the nuts on a single of them a small, but right after performing that, that paddle functioned like all the rest. The paddles came to rest against the wires on either side and didn’t rebound from them really considerably. The worst that can occur is all the paddles rebound off the wires and swing back to the center of the target. Then you have to manually reset them to see them once again.

The M1 Carbine shoots steel BBs at about 420 f.p.s at the muzzle. That is fairly a bit more quickly than the 275-300 f.p.s. of a Red Ryder, so now we know a variety of energy that this target functions in.

Testing with Dust Devils

Codeuce described frangible BBs, so they have been subsequent. I have superior news and undesirable news. The frangible Dust Devils did break apart on the paddles, but that pushed every single paddle straight back so it wasn’t visible any longer (it was in line with my sight and as well thin to see). I believed it could be just a random point, but right after 15 shots did precisely the similar point I knew this target does not operate with Dust Devils. Ah, but we are not out of secure BB choices however!

Clever Shot

I attempted Air Venturi Clever Shot subsequent. These lead BBs do not bounce back, either, mainly because lead is soft and deforms when it hits a tough target. Getting non-magnetic Clever Shot does not operate in each and every BB gun, but the M1 Carbine handles it fine. Far better however — it functions! It moves the paddles and it does not bounce back — at least not from 100 test shots.

I have a lot more to say but now I want to show you the target in action. Right here is a small video I place collectively to show it.


Modified target

I haven’t told Codeuce however about the modifications we produced to his design and style, so he is seeing this at the similar time as you. We (my neighbor and I) have been seeking for approaches to make the target for even significantly less revenue than Coduece spent. Having rid of the extended threaded rod was a large start off. If you have scrap wood lying about this target could price you really small. But a lot more importantly, it nevertheless functions precisely like Codeuce created.


I produced this report Portion 1 mainly because I feel there is a lot more to test. For instance, does our modified target nevertheless operate with a Red Ryder, and so on. I’m certain you readers will have a lot more items to verify.


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