VSSL 1st Help: Crossing a flashlight with a initial help kit


VSSL First Aid: Crossing a flashlight with a first aid kit

VSSL Outside Utility Tools launched in 2014 with the premise of putting adventure-oriented products inside the space generally occupied by batteries in a flashlight. The advent of power-effective LEDs produced the tubular battery compartment largely obsolete, but some outside enthusiasts favor the type aspect, so VSSL fills the void.

All VSSL Adventure Systems use the similar “flashlight” physique. A triple LED lamp tops a military-grade aluminum tubular physique, whilst an oil-filled compass caps the opposite finish to type a 9-inch extended, two-inch diameter, familiarly shaped flashlight with a hollow core. VSSL presents numerous “fillings” we’ve been testing their initial help kit (MSRP $125) for a couple of months for this overview.

The finish caps – light and compass


The three LED light has 3 functions: vibrant, dim, red, and a blinking SOS mode. The 3 LR1 batteries are secured appropriate below the LED bulbs so the complete lighting program occupies only the best 1 three/eight inches of the unit. There is not a security lock on the energy button, but it requires a continuous 3 seconds of pressing to energy the lamp.

The 200-lumen light was a lot robust and had a distinct sufficient reduce off for most close-variety tasks and moving at hiking speed. The complete unit feels strong and robust in the hand, and the initial help contents have been packed tightly so there wasn’t any rattling.

The oil-filled compass that caps the bottom of the unit is claimed to perform from 14°F to 122°F and the damped motion of the face identified its bearings rapidly. The straightforward compass was utilised only to uncover common cardinal orientation and a rough bearing for travel. I identified it curious that it didn’t include luminescent markings.

What’s inside

The initial help kit that is tightly rolled in a nylon organizer and stuffed into the VSSL physique is apportioned nicely for one particular that occupies such a tight space:

  • four x massive bandages
  • four x knuckle bandages
  • Two packages 3M Steri-Strips
  • two x disposable thermometers
  • four x antiseptic towelettes
  • One particular pack Celox hemostatic agent
  • two x antibiotic cream packs
  • two x burn cream packs
  • four x aspirin
  • four x ibuprofen
  • Tweezers
  • Emergency whistle
  • four x security pins
  • A massive sterile gauze pad
  • One particular pair of healthcare gloves
  • One particular roll adventure tape acceptable for repairs, trail marking, and initial help.

All products have been inspected and appear to be of excellent good quality this didn’t strike me as a kit filled with the least expensive products sourced out of China brand names such as 3M, Curad, Bayer, Advil, and Celox deliver self-assurance.

Robust type aspect

The VSSL 1st Help Kit is a quite robust package. The aluminum tubing, metal LED light and compass bodies, and nylon roll for initial help products all had a higher-good quality really feel. Various drops and one particular comprehensive yard sale whilst trail operating on rocky terrain only left scuff marks in the red finish. The aluminum physique is a a great deal a lot more protected storage container than the nylon bag or plastic box utilized by some initial help kits.

The complete unit is waterproof and carries a lifetime warranty.


The VSSL 1st Help kit is basically a utility flashlight that homes a initial help kit that is acceptable for one particular or two people today engaging in one particular to two-day outside pursuits. Most really serious outside adventurers would select a headlight for nighttime activities. Add to this the 15.six ounces verified weight that strikes the VSSL off the list of any ounce counter. But exactly where the VSSL does make sense is every day carry in automobiles automobiles, trucks, boats, UTVs, and so on. The flashlight type aspect performs fine for the trivial use that is typical when exploring by automobile and the durability of the all-metal physique defends contents from off-road abuse.

VSSL also presents a Camp Supplies and Flask model, as nicely as a custom create alternative.





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