22 Day Trip, Idaho Mountains, September 2019


The forecast for the climate was to be in the higher 80’s. They have been incorrect it ended up getting in the mid 90’s exactly where I was, with dead air, and no wind, not even a slight breeze. The forecast also predicted a cooling trend and some welcome rain.

The national climate service issued a higher winds fire alert for the location.

Following a extended bumpy drive coming in from Lick Creek and going back up the South Fork of the Salmon, I was extra than content to be at my camp web-site.

My small cheapo thermometer study about 96 F. Way as well hot for me to something, even as well hot to unpack the Jeep and set up camp. So off to the river I go with a folding chair and sit in it for a handful of hours.

Even following the sun went down for a couple of hours it was nonetheless to hot for me to assume about creating a fire.

Back at camp I set up a immediate sun shelter for my 1st evening out. I also did a pre-run on sleeping in a blanket overnight.

The temperature dropped down into the low 50’s and I was extra than comfy in the blanket. I attempted to roll myself up init and it did not function really due to the fact I am a restless sleeper and every single time that i tossed and turned, the blanket came off me. I keep pretty dry even with some light to moderate rain. I also lined the sun shelter with a tarp which helped hold the ground water out of the shelter.

My strategy was to keep four-six days at a single spot and move on to the subsequent with a handful of overnighters right here and there. But as life has it plans do not go as smooth as we like as you will see as the trip progressed.




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