Backcountry Survival Kit – Cost-effective/Dependable/Realistic


Backcountry Survival Kit – Affordable/Reliable/Realistic

This is my standard backcountry survival kit. I use this when skiing, camping with my loved ones, fishing with mates, snow machining, snowshoeing, rock climbing…you get the image. It is economical, trustworthy and realistic and it performs effectively for my loved ones and I.

This is an enabler…a force multiplier and will boost survivability in any provided circumstance. It ought to under no circumstances substitute information, expertise and skills.

It is light weight (1 Pound), every piece has additional than a single goal, can be bought for about $40.00, can match in any manner of pack, can match on belt or shoulder rig and is MY version of MY excellent survival kit. I have tested this kit on a number of occasions though in serving SAR Units, Military Service and though Earthroaming.

Rylo 360/Stabilization Camera –
Flex Mini Tripod –
Lightweight Tripod –
Carrying Case –
Battery Energy Bank –

Condor Canyon Carver Knife –
Wool Blanket –
Fire Starter –
Klean Kanteen –
1st Help Kit –
Water Filter –

Typical Clothes WORN OR PACKED
Boots –
Sandals –
Shorts –
Pants –
T-Shirts –
Baja Hoodie –

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