Electronic shifter proves functional and efficient


Electronic shifter proves functional and effective

The  Archer Dx1 is an electronic shifting retrofit kit that will operate with any derailleur. The Dx1 is created up of two key elements: a thumb-activated remote, and a “shifter” (which is the chain-keep mounted device that moves the derailleur by way of the incorporated cable). The Dx1 is also a intelligent device that connects to your telephone by way of app (IOS, Android) and delivers a multitude of functionality.

Installing the kit

I have to admit that even as a “reasonably” skilled amateur bike mechanic, I was intimidated by the installation of the Dx1. This was for no fantastic purpose- as it turns out the set up is very simple. The 1st step is to set up the app – offered for no cost from your app shop – just search Archer Elements. Though the app is downloading, removing the current shifter and cable is the subsequent step- just a handful of turns of a couple of bolts- total time about five minutes. From there you set up the shifter, which is the confusingly named driver that basically moves the derailleur and is mounted on the chain-keep. There is a minor finding out curve involved in finding out how to assemble the mounting hardware and exactly where, specifically, to spot the device. Watching the on the web videos offered by way of the app tends to make it less difficult. After the shifter is installed, and the cable is routed by way of the offered housing and secured to the derailleur (exact same as the former cable installation) you are practically carried out. Installing the remote, which is the thumb actuated device replacing your shifter, is akin to adding a bell or light. For my set up, it match ideal into the current mount on the brake that remained from my old shifter.

Adjusting the kit

This was the entertaining portion. The app is positively intuitive and it makes it possible for you to set up the shift distance the derailleur travels for every single person cog on the cassette. It also enables you to precisely dial your shifts with macro and micro-adjustments. Performing this on a appropriate bike stand exactly where you can freely pedal and adjust by way of your telephone tends to make this procedure less difficult. Though in the app, you can make a wide array of operational choices to dial the Dx1 to your certain liking. For instance,  how it operates beneath low energy, and when and if it turns off automatically when not in use. This portion of the procedure is pretty impressive and entertaining.

The Dx1 also gives for adjusting your shifting on the fly employing the remote, which is beneficial if you want to make a speedy adjustment mid-ride. Simply because you adjust the shifting primarily based on the person cogs on the cassette, this tends to make for precision dialing of the shifting. This is beneficial if you have minor spacing discrepancies that a regular set-up can not rather overcome.

Utilizing the kit

I removed an SRAM XX shifter to replace it with the Dx1. The final results had been quick and outstanding. Shifting is crisp and predictable. The thumb action necessary is insubstantial, and straight away adopted into the riding style. I seasoned minimal lag-time, and responsive action, even on burly terrain. The minor stress necessary to activate the shift will be drastically appreciated by any person with wrist/thumb injuries or fatigue. If you are accustomed to dumping the cassette immediately that will need a bit additional focus nevertheless, that behavior modification is a little value to spend for the otherwise outstanding knowledge.

I had an chance to ride the Dx1 in sub-freezing temps in dumping snow and observed no distinction in good quality, and shifting with heavy gloves was a breeze versus attempting the complete-hand shift normally necessary when wearing gloves on a regular shifter set-up.


I’m not techy in daily life and I’m a purist when it comes to mechanics. I do not want to see or use electronics when I really feel human energy can do it much better or additional accurately. When I 1st discovered about the Dx1, my issues turned to functionality on the trail. The final point I want mid-ride is to be browsing for a WiFi signal or digging in my jersey for spare batteries. But the Dx1 sold me on the idea. The functionality and comfort, not to mention the superior riding knowledge, outweighed the dangers of introducing technologies to the analog cycling knowledge. All round I preferred the Dx1 versus my SRAM XX shifter. It is operationally easier, additional dialed, and additional precise. $389. Purchase now.


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