Gun Ban Group Claims Red Flag Laws Will Cease Veterans Suicides


Stars and Stripes reports that a gun ban group recommends Red Flag laws to curb veterans suicides. The ban business postulates an finish to private gun ownership will develop a pretty sharp reduction or a total finish to suicide.

But the issue with proposition is that the history of psychiatric counseling, eve counseling all males mustered out, has not decreased veterans suicides. Counseling has merely shifted one particular preferred result in of death for one more, with a handful of dollars worth of “street drugs and a six pack of beer seemingly the most preferred option to a firearm.

So, after once more we have the gun ban business spreading hypothetical as veriest truth. And when we take the business to job for raising false hopes they blandly say “We just did not make the laws robust sufficient, we have to strengthen till they perform.

That is the similar excuse Chicago gave whens total ban on privately held firearms resulted in a close to vertical rise in violent crime prices. And now Chicago’s gun homicide total is

And as of now, Chicago’s 2019 murder total is 432 murdered, with 397 of these victims of gunfire – in a city devoid of a single gun dealer or a single shooting variety.


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