Inventive Director’s Selection: MCD Partners’ John Caruso on the Sandy Hook Guarantee PSA


Inventive Director’s Selection provides inventive directors a likelihood to highlight the operate they assume is the finest out in the ad globe — the spots and campaigns they think are producing a distinction.

This week, John Caruso, co-founder, companion and chief inventive officer for MCD Partners, discusses the effective ‘Back-To-College Essentials’ anti-gun violence campaign from Sandy Hook Guarantee.

3 years ago on an early autumn afternoon, I was walking up Amsterdam Avenue hand-in-hand with my initially grader when, out of nowhere, he asked me in his raspy tiny voice, “Daddy, did you practice lockdowns at your college?” Caught off guard, I fumbled to come up with an answer prior to lastly confessing that no, I did not. He went silent for about half a block then surmised, “Wow, you ought to have went to a truly secure college.”

If you haven’t noticed the new PSA ‘Back-To-College Essentials’ by Sandy Hook Guarantee, please cease reading this and view it now. It is a effective new campaign from the advocacy group primarily based in Newtown, Connecticut, developed by the parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary College shooting.

The spot opens considerably like any back-to-college ad with upbeat youngsters displaying off their new college supplies, but it speedily becomes clear that they are repurposing their new gear to survive a college shooting. The quite matter-of-truth tone the youngsters provide to the camera even though speaking about their survival is jarring, but it sadly rings a bit also accurate.

This significant PSA juxtaposes the seeming absurdity of an marketing genre more than the backdrop of unthinkable college violence, and all but forces you to ask oneself, what have we carried out about this? No matter exactly where you sit on the political spectrum right now, you hope this would be the one particular issue we could all agree upon, prior to just packing our youngsters off for one more college year on their personal.

The parents of Sandy Hook Guarantee and their agency partners at BBDO have carried out a terrific service in acquiring a inventive way to challenge us all to face the reality of gun violence in our communities’ schools. In particular when viewed by way of the eyes of our young children, we can see how their each day experiences are profoundly distinct from the security we enjoyed in our personal childhoods.

John Caruso is co-founder, companion and chief inventive officer at digital promoting and practical experience agency MCD Partners.

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