Just after 18 Years… Daily Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


The retired Heraclitus has settled on what performs for him following 18 years.  Bravo to him.  I know mine’s continually evolving, as is a lot of people I know.

You know the drill, you get anything you assume is improved than what you have got.  You attempt it and either incorporate it or discard it.  Sort of like tactics from firearm instruction classes.

Not positive why he calls it “A distinctive river.“

You be the judge.  In his words:

Just after carrying a handgun day-to-day for more than 18 years, I have lastly arrived at an EDC setup that I am comfy with. I only carry 1 handheld flashlight at a time (normally the Olight through the day and the Streamlight at evening). I carry my spare magazine at 9 o’clock and the TQ just behind it. In my automobile I carry 4 added magazines, a significant Trauma Kit and a Sabre Red MK-four OC spray (stream).

GLOCK 19:  A terrific carry gun.  I’ve carried it for close to twenty years.  For me, it is a best blend of size, capacity, and really feel.  And I’ve shot about a gazillion and a half rounds from different GLOCK platforms, so they are as organic to me as walking.

He’s got lights, and a blade (Benchmade 710), along with a TQ.  That is anything I do not carry on my particular person, but there’s on in the auto.  Yeah, an individual may *truly* will need 1 someday, but an individual may also *truly* will need a fire extinguisher, but I do not carry that on my particular person either.  (But I do in the car…)

Notice the ASP keychain miniature OC spray.   He likes it.  Definitely.  A lot more energy to him.  Me, not so substantially.  Yeah, I gave up chemical sprays following a couple of leakers inside my auto (on hot summer time days) and 1 in my pants when I bent more than pretty much 30 years ago.  Oh, that was a memorable day.





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