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Dr. John Lott had a new piece in the Wall Street Journal this week about Mexico’s particularly higher murder price in spite of its strict gun handle laws.  

Photo Credit: The Wall Street Journal

The figures Lott quotes are staggering:  with virtually six instances as a lot of murders per 100,000 people today as in the U.S., Mexico has a significant dilemma.

By all accounts the dilemma might be of their personal creating.  As highlighted in the Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Mexico’s strict gun handle measures started in 1972 ostensibly to handle violence.  Presently only 1% of Mexicans possess a license to personal a firearm, getting a permit to legally carry a pistol is unheard of and private sales are for all sensible purposes forbidden but because 1972 the murder price has doubled! 

When addressing how a lot of of Mexico’s crime guns come from the U.S., Dr. Lott explains why the 70% figure cited by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is grossly exaggerated. He points out that quantity is a pick subset of a pick subset and the actual quantity might be closer to 17%.

Additionally, it seems evident the bulk of Mexico’s crime guns, usually totally-automatic, are cartel supplied and originate in Central and South America or other international places.  Once once more, it is evidenced that when strict gun handle laws leave the basic population unarmed, vulnerable, and powerless, criminals will really feel emboldened.  Layer onto this a history of military and police corruption along with a strong cartel presence and you have the best recipe for out of handle criminal violence.  

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