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From this summer time, a handful of photos. It was 30 miles round trip but becoming alone and only two loads to pack produced for a good day and time to take a handful of pics.

I got this horse, Scout, as just type of a horse for anybody to ride. It is good obtaining one particular or two in the herd, the mules look to be much more content material with a horse in their lives.

But of course just before I just throw somebody on there, I will take him out a handful of occasions and see how he does. So this was his initially true trip with me.

There was an acre or so fire, that the jumpers spent a handful of days on. They necessary a pump and we packed that in a couple days just before this. Then all the jump gear and camp stuff came out. And this was all that was left the final day.

Heres scout, at the leading, quite tired boy.

No wonder, its a quite rocky trail up higher.

The load

All loaded


The fire, escaped campfire apparently

The meadow, a couple miles under the fire. Jumpers landed right here, and camped close to it.

At the leading above exactly where the fire was are a couple of lakes, Emerald and Sapphire. This is Emerald.

Lots of proof of mining nonetheless about. Notice the lake was dammed. These are not smaller rocks it was constructed with, and that cable is 1.five” diameter. All this was completed with no roads. Mule energy!

Lots of scenery to take in

An Aspen patch, theres various acres of it. A single of my preferred trees, but appears like it is currently been claimed.

Clip clop, clip clop.

Thanks for ridin’ along!


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