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I am a huge fan of Chris’ Plainsmen Knives from our personal forum boards as @08H3 . I have had the pleasure of owning the shark tooth which I reviewed Right here. I was quite happy and decided to order a new knife from Chris with higher hopes of his Plainsmen Pitbull model. These are the photos of what the Pitbull has to offer you from his Present Models thread.



I liked the forward throw of the blade. It type of reminded me of a Turley Gasconade or Green River. It seemed like it would make the carving tasks a lot much easier. I decided this was the knife I had to have. I sent Chris some deal with components of my personal and this is what I got.




A quite good sheath and knife. The precise pitbull but a custom 1 of my personal. I was worried at very first mainly because I normally do not like knives with thick handles, but this 1 just appears to match completely. The deal with style is ergonomic and fruitful. I have been applying it most of the summer time and can say that it is each ergonomic and productive. Tasks that take moments look effortless and effortless and it retains an edge like the greatest of them. I have not had to sharpen this poor boy all year because it was designed and have had it on several outings. I strop it usually but that is about it. It is produced of O1 and comes in at four” on the blade and about four-three/eight” on the deal with. it really is 1/8th Thick and heat treated proper. This knife is a function horse and never ever misses an chance to present itself as such.

I have made use of it all summer time and reduce up meat and veggies and firewood and every little thing with it and it just preserve performing. Chris knows what he is carrying out. He tends to make his knives with goal and delivers a terrific solution. This was the final time I have made use of it beneath from the entire summer time into the fall. It nevertheless retains its edge like a champ. I prepped a bunch of firewood and it is nevertheless performing. If you have ever been on the edge of buying a plainsmen knife I would advise you commit mainly because they are quite good knives. Also Chris’ warranties stick to his knives and not the owners. So if you obtain 1 it will be covered beneath his warranty forever… regardless of how you came by it.



It is nevertheless razor sharp following cutting up pothooks and kindling and what not all summer time. Chris truly puts a excellent edge on that retains. I have to admit that this is my preferred bushcraft knife I have ever made use of. I will be displaying it in future posts for confident. This is the model I would purchase if I could decide on any from Plainsmen Knives. I really like the grip and ease of use connected with it. If I could have it any distinct I want the blade was .five to 1 inches longer for batoning but this factor gets it performed either way. I may perhaps have him make me a pitbull grandpa at some point that is shaped similarly and larger :p




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