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From what I study, when the Army was searching for a M110A1 “Compact Semi-Auto Sniper System” they wanted the newest version of the Knights Armament SR25. When H&ampK won the speak to, it seemed like the Army wasn’t overly enthused. I may well absolutely incorrect about that, but from what small information I study it certain seemed that way. So the Army changed it about and make the “Squad Designated Marksman Rifle” along with a new armor piercing round.

We also have this “Next Generation Squad Weapon” with a super new six.five to six.eight uber round to replace the M4 and the light machine guns.

I wonder if the Army desires a new “sniper/designated marksman” round that would also be applied for their designated marksman rifles and machine guns. Sort of like how we use .308 suitable now. I wonder if the entire argument of generating it the new infantry rifle is just what was important to get the funding and improvement began.

Appear at the M16A4 for instance. As an alternative of obtaining a KAC M5RAS, a new barrel, and a flat top rated upper for all the M16A2 rifles in the service the military decided to contact it a M16A4. I feel it was a lot easier for the military to go to Congress and ask for cash to switch from the old M16A2, to the new M16A4, two entire generations enhanced.

An opposite instance of naming would be the M68 CCO. The Army got cash to equip the entire Army with Aimpoint Comp M2s. Then a newer and much better version came out, the Comp M4, so the Comp M4 also became the M68CCO and the Army just began obtaining the new red dots.

Think about if the Army had to say, “Well that red dot we began obtaining is currently obsolete, so we have to have cash to get a diverse model.” Would not sound as superior.

You usually see weird fuckery like that with the miltiary. I as soon as heard an FN rep complain that it expense the USMC far more cash to have a M2 Machine Gun rebuilt by FN then it would expense to get a brand new M2 from FN. But the Corps had cash authorized for servicing these weapon technique, and wasn’t authorized for obtaining new ones.

1 of the middle schools I went as well was newly constructed. They had a large quantity of cash set aside for furnishings, so they had rooms complete of desks, chairs, and the like. But they had absolutely expended their book price range and had been incredibly brief on text books. So they had been borrowing books from other schools, and when they could, had been trading furnishings for text books. How ridiculous.

I feel that this entire NGSW plan could possibly be a critical try to get a replacement round and guns for legacy 308. I just cannot see these as becoming a critical M4 replacement. But, who genuinely knows.

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