six Strategies for Maintaining Chickens in the City


You may perhaps consider that you have to reside down a lengthy nation road or have a lot of offered land to raise chicken, but the potential for maintaining chickens in the city is becoming a reality for lots of urban and suburban homesteaders.

You may think that you have to live down a long country road or have a lot of available land to raise chicken, but the ability for keeping chickens in the city is becoming a reality for many urban and suburban homesteaders.

If you reside in a large city and have at least a tiny region in your backyard, you will be in a position to create or buy a pre-constructed chicken coop and raise up to six chickens, which is the minimum to feed fresh eggs each day to a household of 4.

That will demand, at an absolute minimum, every bird will have to have three square feet of indoor space, which consists of 1 foot of roosting space, and 10 square feet of outside space.

If you are nevertheless on the fence about raising chickens, there are a wide variety of rewards that may convince you.

  • Chickens are quick to raise and really economical to keep
  • Chickens demand much less focus than even dogs and are regarded as the easiest farm animal to take care of
  • Get fresh and nutritious eggs on a standard basis
  • Save funds and trips to the supermarket
  • Have organic eggs
  • Know that the hens are healthier, treated humanely and without the need of hormones.

Most individuals raise hens for their eggs even though some will raise them for their meat as effectively. Continue reading for some rewards and recommendations on maintaining chickens in the city and for a giveaway with seeds to develop your personal fodder.


Investigation Regional Laws and Regulations

Ahead of creating a chicken coop in your backyard, you really should initially turn into familiar with your regional laws and regulations and make confident it is permitted. Some cities in the US do not enable chickens to be raised, although other folks have maximum flock size needs.

By realizing these recommendations, you can choose how large of a coop you can have, and as a result how lots of chickens you will be in a position to raise. Roosters have a tendency to be far more frequently not permitted for the reason that of the noise involved, but most cities enable property owners to have hens.

If you reside in a subdivision with an HOA, it is most likely that chickens are not permitted. Band collectively with other likeminded neighbors and start petitioning for modifications to your by-laws.

Decide on the Appropriate Breed for Your Desires

Ahead of acquiring or creating the chicken coop and acquiring hens, analysis the distinct breeds. Distinct breeds have distinct rewards, and it all depends on how you strategy to use them. Are you only hunting at chickens for laying eggs, rather than raising them for meat?

Some breeds can be very tiny although other folks are extremely massive. Investigation the distinct breeds and choose which ones you want and how lots of of them you want in your city coop.

For city dwellers, take a appear at the post from Farming My Backyard titled: The Most effective Chicken Breeds for Eggs to enable you make a choice. Still on the fence? Study the post from Our Inspired Roots titled, six Causes to Preserve Backyard Chickens for far more concepts.

Pondering the idea of raising chickens often raises the question, what does a chicken coop need? Even if you have free range chickens in your backyard, you still need a chicken coop.

Make the Appropriate Size Chicken Coop

City chicken coops really should be constructed or bought the suitable size, with robust components, and consist of all the necessities. The following consists of recommendations for getting a chicken coop in the city that will hold your hens protected, warm, and delighted:

Enable at least 3 square feet per hen inside the coop, plus 10 square feet of space outdoors the coop. If you have six hens, the coop really should enable at least 18 square feet inside, so a coop with a footprint of five x five feet (25 square feet) will be tiny adequate for any backyard and nevertheless enable a lot of area for your chickens. See our post “What Does a Chicken Coop Want?” for an in-depth discussion.

  • Removable perches are less difficult to clean for the reason that they can quickly be taken out and cleaned often.
  • Have at least one particular nest box per 4 hens, about the size of a 12-inch cube 12 inches tall, wide and deep, or bigger if you are raising a massive breed. The chicken really should be in a position to get in the box and lay comfortably.
  • Line the bottom of the chicken coop with sawdust, pine needles or pine wood chips. For quick cleaning of the coop, look at placing down economical linoleum tiles (which debris will not cling to) or even a removable tray method.
  • Be ready to make adjustments for temperature manage and ventilation in the coop so your hens can get cool in the summer time months and warm in the winter months.
  • Have chicken wire about six inches beneath the floor of the coop to hold away rodents and other predators.
  • Make confident your coop does not have any sharp edges or protruding nails as they will get curious and may hurt themselves.

Caring For and Feeding Chickens

Subsequent, you really should discover about adequately caring for the chickens. The coop is crucial, as this will hold them protected from predators, warm and safe in intense climate circumstances, and present a dark and cool location for laying eggs.

Your largest expense just after setting up the coop is meals. If you have grown your chickens from pullets, they will consume rather a bit of meals just before they truly get started laying eggs. Based on the breed you chose, that can be from 18 weeks to six months.  Program of creating 1.five pounds of meals offered per bird, per week. That is rather a couple of bags of meals just before you get started receiving “return” on your investment.

One particular way to save funds on chicken feed is to develop your personal fodder.  This provides you the selection to feed fresh meals to your chickens and definitely reduce down on the fees.

Either way, you will have to have to hold meals and water in the coop at all occasions and make confident that you have time every day to verify on them, feed them and give them clean water. Though they may perhaps be the easiest animals to raise, they nevertheless demand each day visits from household for their upkeep.

Your chickens will demand some outdoors time each and every day for receiving physical exercise, fresh air, and socialization. Let them out in the morning for roaming (in a pen or out) and then make confident they are adequately secured from predators every evening.

Raising chickens in the city is really probable with the suitable preparation and care. The most crucial issue is maintaining them protected, warm and delighted.

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