Springfield Hellcat – A Worthy CCW?



I’ve had my Springfield Hellcat in hand for eight days now, and 650 rounds, plus some assorted +P rounds. It is been a enjoyable week with tons of variety time, and the Hellcat proved to be an impressive tiny weapon. These Croatian produced firearms are Springfield’s striker-fired, polymer-frame pistol series. They come in most calibers, a assortment of configurations, and many sizes. The Hellcat is Springfield Armory’s entry into the new Micro Compact genre of firearm.

Micro Compact appears to be the agreed-upon term for these guns, which are an extension of the XD series. These guns are recognized for becoming extremely little, and extremely thin with the capacity of a double-stack handgun. These guns are commonly the size of single stack nine but hold ten or a lot more rounds. The P365 was the 1st entry and now Springfield has the second.


Springfield Hellcat 9mm: Characteristics and Specs

SIG gave us ten rounds in a flush-fitting magazine, but Hellcat dialed it up to 11 and gave us one particular a lot more round. Moreover, SIG has 12 round magazines accessible for the P365, and the Hellcat has 13 rounders.

Greater however, Springfield even involves the 13 round magazine, as properly as a pinky extension for the flush-fitting magazine. When I 1st shot the gun, I did so with the flush-fitting magazine but speedily decided the pinky extension was a need to-have.

The Hellcat also comes in each an optic’s prepared model and a regular model. The gun has a regular Picatinny rail, a reversible magazine catch, and evening sights.

Specs-sensible the gun is little and light. It weighs a tiny more than 18 ounces and is six inches extended all round. The barrel is three inches extended, and the gun has a four-inch height with the flush-match magazine. The grip width is 1 inch.

Springfield Hellcat Ergonomics

The Springfield Hellcat is a uncomplicated gun. The rear grip security is gone, which I’m pleased for. The grip lacks any Grip Zone, even though, so I hope you can figure out exactly where to hold it. The grip does have some thing Springfield calls Adaptive Grip Texture. It does not really feel super rough or sticky till you get a great grip on it. It does stick extremely properly to the hand when you are throwing lead downrange. The texture also extends up the grip. The texture is soft against the skin when becoming carried concealed and does not lead to irritation.


Devoid of the pinky extension, you will have a hanging pinky, so be conscious of that — the grip angle in 1911ish and a lot comfy. The hidden and subtle finger bump is not noticeable. You can get a extremely higher grip on the gun due to Hellcat’s beavertail and trigger guard undercut.

There is no manual security, just internal safeties, and the trigger security blade. The gun comes in each optics prepared and regular models, and I have the regular. I like the slide serrations and locate them completely deep and straightforward to grip. The rear serrations go more than the top rated of the slide, and there more than the top rated design and style is good. I by no means would’ve believed it would make a distinction. The gun is little, and the slide is brief, so I usually go more than the top rated to reload, and the serrations are an exceptional touch.

The Springfield Hellcat micro-compact is, in spite of its size, eventually a comfy gun that is accommodating to the hands.

Springfield Hellcat: Variety Time

Let’s knock a couple of points out, the regular, somewhat boring, components of any gun critique. 1st, the recoil is extremely mild and controllable, even with 124-grain +P rounds the gun is straightforward to handle. Muzzle rise is a tiny a lot more than the P365. Accuracy sensible the weapon is also extremely precise. I placed ten out ten rounds into a headshot target at 25 yards, confident I pierced his ear when, but I hit him. The flat-faced trigger is also nickel boron on the inside, and it is extremely smooth. It is brief, crisp, and sweet.


Reliability sensible I’ve applied the least expensive, most junk grade ammo I could, and that is Winchester Forged Steel cased ammo. It is dirty, dry, and is far from excellent. It ate an whole 500 round case of it without having a dilemma. I followed that up with 150 rounds of Remington UMC brass-cased goodness.

I’ve been experimenting with how to critique guns and make them a lot more fascinating. I’ve due to the fact begun employing various drills into my testing to get a a lot more efficiency-primarily based critique for guns developed for a precise part. As a concealed carry gun, I focused on speed, accuracy, and ease of repeated shots.

Dot Torture

The 1st drill I did was Dot Torture at five yards, and at 1st, I didn’t do excellent. I was hitting low and left, the confident sign of a flinch. In aggravation, I turned to my P365 and located this low and left situation gone. I restarted DOT torture immediately after some dry fire, and I slowed down. With a challenging concentrate on right sight alignment and trigger pull. I did significantly improved. Not my ideal function, but I dropped one particular shot… The rest technically broke the line so…

Dot Torture is excellent to diagnose weak points on your skillset and is difficult. The target desires fifty rounds, and you practice anything from uncomplicated slow fire to drawing and firing, to reloads, and one particular-handed manipulations. The gun’s controllability shocked me, specially when it came to one particular-handed shooting.

I was pleasantly shocked at how straightforward it was to shoot the gun one particular-handed with a decent degree of accuracy. In common, the weapon was straightforward to deal with. Reload sensible, a dilemma I have with all these guns became evident. 1st, my huge hands pin the magazine inside the properly, so I have to make confident I move my hand adequate to let the mag cost-free. Second, my thumb pins down the slide lock rendering it ineffective most of the time.

The magazine release is placed completely and does not need significantly movement for me to attain it, and I appreciate that.

The iHack

The subsequent drill was iHack. A variant of the Hackathorn headshot requirements that makes use of little two-inch dots. It is fired at five yards and ou fire it in 3 strings. Every string calls for 3 shots on 3 targets in beneath 3 seconds. You fire one particular shot into every dot going from left to proper, then from proper to left, and then start out in the center and shoot the other dots as you see match. A passing score is 7 out of 9.

It is a enjoyable drill for confident, but also useful when it comes to practicing right sight image though transitioning. It forces you to understand to track your sights and shoot speedily. I fired the drill a total of 3 occasions and passed every time. Admittedly the 1st time I scored 7 out of 9, so I barely passed. The second was on the line for eight out of 9, and the third was 9 out of 9.

The great Trijicon U Dot Sights are an absolute blessing. I want these on all of my guns. The front sight is brightly colored with a tritium vial in the center. The rear is U shaped notch, of course, and about the center is a vibrant white half-circle. This mixture of sights tends to make for an outstanding set of sights. They let for rapid and straightforward engagement of targets and make it straightforward to transition in between targets.

Altering Gears

Altering Gears is a drill that calls for a 3×5 card and an inch plate. You can run it two strategies, slow to quick and quick to slow. I ran it slow to quick. Which calls for two shots into the 3×5 card and then as lots of shots as doable in the eight-inch plate in a precise timeframe. Par time was four seconds and loaded up six rounds.

I began holstered but not concealed. I was capable to shoot all six rounds at 7 yards in three.87 seconds. This was my 1st run, and the gun proved to be straightforward to draw, straightforward to get on target and precise. It shows how straightforward the gun is to handle and how speedily it can switch from precise shots to controllable speed. The Hellcat was up to the challenge and performed admirably.

El Presidente Drill

Who does not really like the El Presidente drill? Popularized by Jeff Cooper and Gunsite, the El Presidente calls for 3 targets at 10 yards placed a yard apart. The Shooter begins with his back to the targets in the surrender position.

The Shooter turns, draws and fires two rounds into every target, then reloads and fires two a lot more in every target. You have to hit the A Zone of an IPSC target technically, but you can modify it as you want. You got 10 seconds to make it so. I ran it 4 occasions on day one particular and 4 occasions the subsequent day. Failure only occurred when when I was a quarter-second as well slow.

I fired the drill from the concealed position with a cover garment. The sights get the credit for me landing each shot. They are amazingly adept at receiving on target. The gun is also straightforward to draw and straightforward to reload. It produced shooting the drill smooth and enjoyable.

Concealed Carry Worthy?

I’ve by no means fired an XD just before the Hellcat, and I was impressed. The gun was dependable, precise, extremely straightforward to shoot, and the sights are superb. Recoil is comfy, and so is firing the weapon. The Hellcat is an exceptional tiny gun. I’m pleased to see a lot more micro compacts hit the marketplace, and I cannot wait to see what’s subsequent. The weapon is accessible for preorder at a couple of various web sites and seems to be promoting for proper about 470ish on preorders.

You can see the specs and extra imagery on the Springfield Armory web site get your mags from our Springfield Armory Magazine lineup


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