Workshop hacks – Tricks for acquiring the most out of your time in the shed!


Modifying your 4WD’s has come to be 1 of Australia’s favourite pastimes and if you appreciate the concept of turning spanners, you can study a issue or two undertaking your personal upkeep on your pride and joy that could save your bacon when you hit the tracks!

Firstly you get to know the mechanical workings of the inside of your car, and you also study how to access, clean and repair components devoid of the tension of attempting to guess how to repair it, miles from a YouTube search all of your tools and with no other way of acquiring residence.

If you head out with a decent set of all the critical easy hand tools and arm your self with know-how and the correct attitude, even when items go incorrect, you will have the most effective bet of acquiring back to civilization with minimal fuss.

A single of the most effective worth tool kits created especially for the objective is the Bush Mechanic Tool Kit, this clever and objective created kit has identified its way into the back of extra 4WDers than any other emergency bush tool kit that we’ve ever heard of.

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Fitted with more than 150+ pieces such as sockets spanners screwdrivers and even a hacksaw, hammer and pliers.  This epic kit also has lots of space for all of your vehicle’s particular spare components, like fan belts, hoses and even your favourite anti seize water dispersing sprays.

Punctured fuel tank

A fuel tank puncture can be a trip ender and can take place with no warning and can be as easy as taking a hit from a stray rock or sharp bit of hardwood wedged up underneath your car. Even a little eucalyptus branch can be challenging and sharp adequate to develop a trip ending fuel leak.

But think it or not  you can conveniently plug a hole in your fuel tank with a handful of unique old bushman bush mechanic tricks.

The initial is the oldest, working with the file from your Bush Mechanic Tool Kit, back the fuel tank wound to take away loose rust and chipped paint for a clean surface that has a rough adequate finish for the repair to bite into. With the harm exposed basically take your regular bar of soap and rub it into the crack, this will fill in the gaps and in contrast to several short-term repairs remain strong adequate to quit the leak obtaining you adequate time to come up with a extra robust semi-permanent repair.

The secret is a mix of soap shavings from your standard soap bar you currently utilized to seal the crack, and a handful of fine red bull dust from the track, if it is not forming conveniently then you can add a little quantity of water to soften the soap you are hunting for the consistency of chewing gum, it need to stick conveniently to the surface and seal up your fuel tank. This will take a although to set but as soon as it has set you are excellent to go!

A significantly faster and extra scrumptious option is a half chewed minty, thanks to the stickiness and the potential for the minty to harden rock strong, it can be placed more than the crack and it will harden in just a handful of minutes developing a strong repair for a excellent although!

Lastly, you have a handful of retailer purchased treatments, the difficulty with some of the extra ‘generic’ repair all types of repair can endure from strange chemical reactions with fuels and can start to come to be porous, resulting in getting to get started back from square 1.

Radiator leak

Modest leaks in a radiator can trigger havoc, by gradually leaking your engines coolant  the harm to your motor can be catastrophic while you are driving, if you notice your temperature gauge abruptly climbing to the top rated of the gauge, you may possibly have sprung a leak.

There are handful of straightforward bush mechanic options, some simpler than other folks and other folks significantly extra efficient than other folks!

The initial is carried out by basically dumping cracked pepper straight into your radiator that has sprung a leak, there are several wives tales that inform us the efficacy of this option such as the little particles getting pressed out due to the fact of the internal stress, they will automatically discover their way to the pinhole leaks and seal up the hole from the inside out, it has been mentioned that you can also drop in a raw egg or a couple of raw eggs, this will discover its way to the leak and cook itself in the gap, the concern you have with introducing egg into the coolant program is the potential for the eggs to coagulate in some of the extra narrow passageways inside the engine causing a coolant blockage and resulting in your engine getting worse issues than the leaky radiator.

Tie wire!

Tie wire is the gaffer tape and zip ties of the bush mechanic planet, it is particularly sturdy, light weight and heat proof producing it perfect for fixing just about something with the potential to replace missing fasteners, hold on loose bumpers and even safe mechanical elements into location when items go undesirable.

We’ve observed tie wire repair every little thing from loose bumpers to gear linkages, and even fastening an exhaust back into location following it was ripped free of charge from its mounting help.

A clever 4-wheel driver will constantly bring a roll of tie wire into the bush for the most effective bush mechanic fixes at a fraction of the expense you would picture.

To discover out extra about the whole variety of 4WD gear and accessories, head to contact us on 1800 88 39 64 or go to 1 of our retailers to speak with an professional straight for the most effective suggestions and the newest offers for your setup!


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