10 Suggestions to get extra out of your camping fridge freezer!



Right here are 10 quick and beneficial suggestions that’ll make your higher efficiency Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer run cooler and use significantly less battery energy for longer trips away!


Adventure Kings delivers a handful of dependable and power effective fridges that are not only outstanding at maintaining your chilled goods frosty cold in the bush but are renowned for undertaking this correctly on a tight spending budget!

The internal elements discovered in the variety are currently extremely effective thanks to their legendary Secop compressors and internal componentry. Coupled with higher high-quality copper plumbing and higher efficiency polyurethane insulation but there isnt a lot of space for improvement when we are seeking at enhancing power efficiency, there are nevertheless a couple of uncomplicated strategies you can take benefit of to enable make your Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer run cooler (these will perform for any transportable fridge freezer).


So right here are 10 Quick Suggestions and tricks that will enable your fridge run cooler and extra effectively:


Run Dual Batteries to protect against more than discharging your crank battery!

While Kings Fridges have a low draw when operating, if you are arranging on staying place at camp for longer trips away, you would be very sensible to invest a small bit of funds into a dependable dual battery method. This is an short article unto itself this will Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer longer devoid of damaging your primary battery – a deep cycle battery set up properly is the ideal way to go, not only will it extend your variety at camp, but also has the capacity to drain deeper each and every cycle devoid of any harm!


Pre chill meals and drinks

Just before you leave house, you need to make confident you pack your meals and drinks into your standard kitchen fridge so they can chill down to the excellent temperature, when anything is chilled you are prepared to transfer it to your transportable camping fridge just before you leave, this signifies the fridge does not have to perform as tough to get to temperature.


Use your sources to your benefit

The complete variety of Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezers are in a position to be plugged into mains 240v energy at house, this signifies smarter campers can prechill their fridge down to operational temperature. Thanks to the capacity to run on 12v, 24v and 240 volt energy you can run your fridge freezer anyplace you are with any energy you have access also.

By pre-chilling your fridge, you save your battery capacity and lower the load on your automobiles energy method resulting in a lot extra variety, and significantly less perform for your camping energy method.


You likely heard it for half your childhood, mum yelling at you to shut the fridge door– By lowering the quantity of time your fridge freezer is open you lower the quantity of power your fridge requirements to use to chill back down to the temperature you set earlier.

To add to the reduction in time your fridge is open, be a superior mate and ask if any of your mates requirements a leading up while you are up, (do not neglect to ask your greater half also, or you will regret it) – it appears like superior Karma but by grabbing extra than 1 drink you lower the quantity of occasions your fridge requirements to be opened.

Plus, your mates will then owe you for the subsequent round, lowering the quantity of time but once more!


Evening time resupply

If you need to have to restock the fridge on your trip away, do it just just before you head to bed – the cooler overnight temperatures will imply that not only will your beers be cooler to commence with, the ambient temperature that your fridge is fighting against will be a handful of degrees decrease.

When absolutely everyone has hit the sack there is also no 1 frequently opening it up for a strong chunk of time which means anything has a likelihood to cool down appropriately.

PRO TIP: even right after a handful of beers just before bed, it is a excellent notion to try to remember to shut your fridge lid, and make confident it is appropriately latched, we’ve observed it accomplished just before exactly where a person stumbled about repacking their fridge and left the lid ajar resulting in anything getting sweaty and warm in the morning, along with a lot significantly less 12v energy left in the battery.


Do not crowd the vents.

Every single fridge demands space to breathe, with your fridge at house, this is the complete back side, but in your transportable fridge, there is a handful of tiny vents about the base that demand sufficient ventilation to eliminate surplus heat from the method.

It is essential that you do not pack anything in about it also tightly, and pack your fridge in a place exactly where it has as a lot breathing space as achievable.


Shade and shelter

Shade and shelter by means of the warmer months is essential, not just for you and the household, but also for your 12v fridge freezer. It is a excellent notion to hold your Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer out of direct sunlight.

As you know the sun is hot and added heat will warm up the outdoors of your fridge and even with outstanding insulation transfer that surplus heat straight by means of the fridge insulation and into the fridge itself massively lowering the efficiency of your fridge.

So aim to location your fridge in the shade anytime you can – if you fridge generally lives in the back of your vehicle, contemplate opening the windows wide and fitting a rear awning to give it as a lot shade as it requirements!


Ventilation… its truly essential!

Through summer season in specific, the interior of your vehicle can attain an insane temperature in an extremely fast period of time. With an outdoors temperature of just 35°C in below an hour you can anticipate the temperature inside the automobile to attain a staggering 75°C which is adequate to kill salmonella in a cooking chicken, and is properly beyond sterilizing the trichinella parasite identified to result in illness in uncooked pork.

This scorching heat is no superior for little ones, undoubtedly not excellent for pets, and deserves some consideration for your poor small fridge freezer as properly.

By cracking all of your windows a couple of inches and putting a sunshade on the windows to lower the quantity of heat inside your automobile will considerably boost the overall performance of your transportable camping fridge when you are leaving it inside the automobile, even so pulling the fridge out and putting it below your Adventure Kings Awning will boost its overall performance considerably.

Layer up

Just like when the bushmen on tele when you have been younger headed out bush, and dressed in extended flowing shirts, and loose trousers, adding an additional layer of insulation with a fridge cover permits the fridge to primarily boost its insulation from the heat, the objective created insulation bags are created to particularly match every model of fridge, and boost the insulation properties quickly!




Solar technologies has sophisticated in leaps and bounds more than current years and is the great way to extend your variety when camping!

Even a uncomplicated 12v solar panel setup like the Kings 120W Solar Blanket delivers campers lots of surplus energy when setting up for a summer season session, and when coupled with a deep cycle battery can energy and charge all of your 12v accessories at camp!

If you are utilizing your fridge on a normal basis it is a excellent notion to invest in a 12v solar panel. These are a practically expense-absolutely free upgrade to your method and the great way to recharge your deep cycle batteries and maintaining your fridge operating 24/7 – and they couldn’t be a lot easier to use. Just set it up and neglect it!



To obtain out extra aout the fridge freezer variety out there from Adventure Kings stop by www.4WDSupacentre.com.au contact us on 1800 88 39 64 or drop in and stop by 1 of our camping retailers to see the complete variety in particular person and to speak to an professional about the ideal achievable setup for your camping needs.



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