Caleb Cox Antler Tracker WSK Pass-About


I not too long ago received a stunning Caleb Cox Tracker knife from 1 of his quite a few GAW possibilities, and I wanted to see if some of the other persons that entered the contest would be interested in possessing some entertaining with the blade! In between operating complete time and grad college, dirt time has been thin lately, so aid me get this blade employed the way it was meant to be employed!

We can maintain the pass-about going for as extended as absolutely everyone would like, specifically if persons offer you up some a lot more unbelievable stories, as expected in the original contest ( thread right here: )

When you have the blade, the hope is that you post some amazing photos of the knife becoming employed in bushcraft, camp, and cooking projects. There are a lot of good concepts in BushClass USA, The Bolt Knife A Go-Go Thread, and the Sharp Tools in Action Thread, just to name a couple of. Each and every particular person can have the knife for two weeks or so, and you’d just spend shipping to get it to the subsequent particular person in line. I would like to limit this to persons that have at least 50 posts on the forum. I would be upset if this knife walked off, so please do not be offended if you are not very there however.

So, let’s see if anyone’s interested! The 1st persons that are welcome to attempt the blade are: @Luchtaine @goon @I_am_Error @anrkst6973 @highlander @Madwell @GreyOne @Bushcraft and Brews @PACoureurDuBois @Vulcan Viking (you mentioned you have been interested!) @Duncsquatch @Ptpalpha @trentu @BushcrafterAU (as extended as each parties agree to international shipping) @dirt7 @SavageJak @White Falcon @psybull @rustystove2017 @Jetjr @field-expedient (on behalf of @Primordial ) @boomchakabowwow @Sandcut @logan-boone @MJDavis @WY_Not @AdamD1776 @Watcher of the Woods @Bryan King @Northwest Axe (hey, you mentioned you would do it as a pass about. Cool!) @beestokk @Toddg @dial1911 @FIELDCRAFTLTC @Cberg1975 @Stags Crest @Jonah L. Archer @Merk3030 @basher1981 @Rockgod1619 @MEC003 @mauiarcher @Logan Woods

Who desires to aid kick off the Caleb Cox Antler and Forged Spring Steel WSK Pass-About?!

Confirmed participants:
@Watcher of the Woods
@Vulcan Viking



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