In this episode, we sit down with James Value to talk about surviving almost everything from an active shooter to a common mugging.

Active shooter scenarios and crime are on the rise. They may well even get a lot worse. Are you ready?

Nowadays James will share insight into what students of his Domestic Protector class discover. We’ll also cover basic items you can do to survive violent encounters.

Surviving active shooter situation topics:

  • Jame’s prediction about the frequenting of these varieties of shootings.
  • Takeaways from the San Bernardino shooting.
  • Takeaways from the Paris terrorist attacks.
  • Will this inspire copycat spree-killers?
  • How was the Domestic Protector class place collectively?
  • Are armed civilians safer?
  • Why really should you begin practicing 1-handed shooting extra?
  • What is a sheepdog and what is an armed civilian?
  • How really should you respond to an active shooter?
  • Are active shooter scenarios various from a violent mugging?
  • What can be improvised to jam door from an attack?