Gary Collins joins us to go over diet program and nutrition in the new year. It is a huge subject a lot of men and women wrestle with.

The paleo diet program and a lot of offshoots are huge these days. Let’s face it: Diets come and go. But in this episode, Gary aids us break down what all these diets are. He aids us separate reality from myth. And, very best of all, he tends to make understanding uncomplicated dieting and nutrition… well… uncomplicated.

Eating plan and nutrition for preppers (and anybody else) subjects discussed:

  • The fraud, waste, and negligence in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Exactly where holistic and conventional medicine meet.
  • What is the paleo diet program?
  • What is the 80/20 rule of dieting?
  • How sugar is like heroin and getting applied against you by the huge meals corps.
  • Are carbohydrates evil?
  • What is the genetic diet program?
  • What is an anti-inflammatory diet program?
  • Why is consuming regional honey important?
  • Why is it critical to consume regionally?
  • How quickly will the wellness care program be bankrupted?
  • How to merge the diets of a multi-cultural property?
  • How does diet program effect fertility and reproduction?
  • Exactly where does lactose intolerance come from?
  • Why is ketogenic diet program confusing?
  • What’s the appropriate way to ketogenic diet program?
  • How extended can you keep on a ketogenic diet program?
  • What is the primal energy technique?
  • How do you sustain a paleo / primal diet program as a prepper?
  • How to do a life-style purge.


  • Gary’s Off the grid property project.
  • Receiving an off the grid property financed.

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