Electrolysis: Cast Iron & some tools (Update: 10/25/19


Fantastic evening persons,
I strategy to Chronicle the WIP of some pans and tools I’ve wanted to clean and refurbish for what may well be years but I will not admit to it.
Right here is my tub, all nasty following three crusty pans.

I’ve utilised this piece of stripped AC housing for six crusty pans so for, you can see some holes are currently forming. Ahead of I start off a session I grind to metal and just scrape off the grunge in between pans. I am not positive how lots of I can do with the very same answer but have to have to test that.

Prepared to go..

Here’s the small crusty pan I am going to clean now.

Can you see what it is?….

I mix four handfuls of wash soda and five gallons of water and mix properly. That bucket holds about 10 gallons. I leave the piece in for 18 to 24 hours and…….To be continued…..

Bubbles confirm…it really is operating.


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