Pheasant Hunting: The Hand Grenade Hunt


GUIDE.COM From the Archives – Close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades … and

1st two are self-explanatory, but with pheasants, “close” is how you hope
stocked-for-the-gun birds will act compared to wild birds. At Ringneck Ranch
you’d be tough-pressed to inform the distinction.

“I like
to equate our pheasants with opening day wild birds,” says Keith Houghton who
has been at the shooting preserve game a lengthy time, and whose Tipton, Kansas,
ranch has been in the family members for 5 generations.

For the old time, tough-core bird hunter, preserve hunting generally has had a faint taint to it, like old sandwich meat with a greenish tinge, but that is a bum rap.  [full article]


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