Pheasant Hunting Tradition Requires Household, Stories


LEADER Additional.COM From the Archives – “You’ve heard about entrapment,”
Randy Hoffman stated, starting a single of these stories that appears to be component of the
tradition, recalling incidents that occurred in prior years when pheasant
hunting with good friends or household members.

story occurred to involve a conservation officer who is also his nephew, Cody
Symens. They have been walking by way of a slough when a bird was flushed.

yells out, `Rooster.’ Then he says, `No, hen’,” Hoffman stated, finishing
the story to the laughter of these present.

“What occurs if you kill a hen?” 13-year-old Addison Gehrels asked, which is also component of the tradition — young hunters finding out from far more skilled hunters.  [full article]


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