The Outer Worlds: 10 Recommendations To Assistance You Survive Supernova | Hardest Difficulty Guide


The hardest mode in The Outer Worlds is also exceptionally rewarding for the reason that it alterations how you will play the game. Meals, water and sleep are abruptly extremely critical to your survival. Harm has longer-lasting effects, you will not be in a position to regenerate overall health, and quick travel is virtually fully disabled. There’s a lot of roadblocks when it comes to victory in Supernova Mode, but that just tends to make winning all the sweeter.

Right after playing the game for way, way as well longer — we’re going to give a couple of swift suggestions to make your hardest-mode playthrough just a small much easier. Whether or not it is secret suggestions, recommended playstyles, and settings to strengthen companion survivability, you will come across all our suggestions in the total guide beneath. Personally, I assume the 1st one particular is quickly the most helpful a way to get about the no-saving and restricted auto-save dilemma. With one particular small trick, you can drop auto-saves everywhere.

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Quickly-Travel To Your Ship For Limitless Auto-Saves Anyplace

Here’s a handy Supernova trick. You can only quick-travel to your ship, the Unreliable, in this difficulty mode, and auto-saves are also exceptionally restricted. You can only save (or auto-save) in your ship. There’s a way to break this method.

When you quick-travel to your ship, an auto-save will be generated at the spot exactly where you just traveled from. Load your new auto-save file soon after travelling, and you have now got an auto-save anyplace on the map. You cannot quick-travel anyplace else, so this is a terrific way to produce saves anyplace on the map.

Maintain Your Companions Alive! Transform Their AI Behavior

In the settings, scroll more than to your celebration members to alter their AI Behavior. You can order them to be much more passive, remain additional away from fights, and only use ranged weapons. Make them play defensively — for the reason that if they die, they’re dead permanently. At the start off of the adventure, this is a quite massive deal. Later on, after you have great armor and weapons for your teammates, it is not very so terrible.

Stealth And Guns Are Your Very best Selection For Survival

The early game is hard. You will not die in a single shot, but you can die incredibly immediately if you do not play cautiously. That is exactly where stealth comes in. The stealth harm bonus you get for a surprise attack definitely, definitely assists in the hardest difficulty mode. Enemies do not respawn immediately, so you can take out enemies one particular-at-a-time. Just run and hide, then wait for the alert to cool off.

There’s A Cot In The Hangar — You Can Only Sleep On Your Ship

In Supernova, you can only sleep (or quick-travel) to your ship. That may possibly look like a massive dilemma, for the reason that your cabin does not unlock till soon after you have collected a new item to energy your ship. In fact, there’s a secondary cot you can use across from the workbench. It is type of uncomplicated to miss, and you will be in a position to use it ahead of finishing up the 1st questline.

Sneak About And Steal Anything — You Have to have Lots of Meals / Water!

Meals and water is essential to survival in Supernova, and fortunately that stuff is quite plentiful. If you are a great Stealth player, you can grab every thing you want from player homes, abandoned creating, or breaking locks at the Common Shop. Meals and water, typically, are quite low-priced and most vendors sell that stuff. It is useless in the major game, but certainly essential right here.

Do not Be concerned About Wasting Ammo — Take On Enemies Cautiously

Ammo is plentiful in each and every mode. You can purchase much more if you definitely want it, but I advocate making use of one particular-shot weapons early in your adventure. Effective guns like the Hunting Rifle are exceptionally helpful. Just pick a secondary weapon like the Assault Rifle. It needs much more bullets to kill enemies, so save the ammo-soakers for difficult circumstances. Later on, you will be overflowing with bullets.

Upgrade! Use The Tinker Station To Deal Additional Harm &amp Enhance Armor

Escalating Science to 20+ so you can get the Tinker capability at the Workbench is crucial. For a little charge, only 50 bits at 1st, you can raise the stopping energy of guns, or strengthen defense on your armor sets. It is a terrific, economical way to remain alive and kill your enemies more rapidly. Just don’t forget to save these caps for tinkering, and do not waste them on repairs. You can break down weapons / armor for components to repair what’s broke.

Melee Is Just As well Hazardous — Stick To Shooting

Melee is entirely viable in each and every other mode. In Supernova, at the start off, I assume it is way as well risky. You will get splattered if you are not cautious, and acquiring shot by various angry marauders at the exact same time although you charge in is an immediate death sentence. There may possibly be a great melee construct that truly tends to make Supernova much easier, but I haven’t figured it out but.

When You Leave The 1st Region, Equip Two Companions &amp Choose Perks Geared For Survivability

Your rugged companions turn out to be a entire lot much more helpful soon after leaving the 1st location. When they level up, pick perks to make them tougher — much more HP, much more armor, and so forth. You will also want to bring each of them, and equip them with the most effective armor you can spare. You will be shocked how significantly much easier it is with these guys about.

Do not Be concerned About Failing! And Take Your Time

For my final tip, I recommend patience. Lots and lots of patience. In this mode, you are going to die and have to restart a lot. Ultimately, it is not that significantly of a dilemma, but early on it requires some really serious acquiring-made use of-to. You can normally quick-travel to your ship to drop a quicksave at particular places, but no one desires to go via two loading screens each and every time you want to save. Make confident to take it slow, kill enemies one particular-by-one particular, sleep at standard intervals, and soak in the sights. This is not a mode for rushing!


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