Adding a Pistol Light to Your Defensive Handgun: Element Uno


Paul Carlson Installing SureFire X300 Ultra A pistol light.

Placing a weapon-mounted light on a handgun is less complicated than it is ever been. You can see it in the image above. I just pulled down a lever on every side of the light, slid it onto the Picatinny rail and released the levers. Bingo! It definitely can not get a great deal less complicated. But at the similar time, placing a light on your pistol is challenging. There is a great deal additional that goes into it than just the mechanics of physically attaching the light. That is not a negative issue. I kinda like it to be tricky.

I’m happiest when I am understanding one thing new. This character quirk of mine is terrific from the standpoint of private development. At the similar time, I generally really feel my need to understand dragging me down into the rabbit hole. I get distracted conveniently and It is not necessarily quick on the pocketbook either.

I’ve been hanging out at Alliance Police Instruction a superior bit lately and I’ve been performing it in the dark. When you devote time in the dark with guns you have this need for lumens. Cloud Defensive took care of me when it comes to the rifle lumens (and additional importantly the candela,) but my handgun has been type of a black hole.

Why am I adding a pistol light to my handgun?

I decided final week that I was performed questioning how items would go in the dark if I necessary my handgun. I produced my choice for 3 motives:

  1. Lots of people say that there is no want for a standard CCW holder to have a light on their concealed carry handgun. They say the juice is not worth the squeeze. I want to obtain out for myself.
  2. I get pleasure from understanding and modify. Adding a weapon-mounted light to my pistol supplies that chance.
  3. Gear is cool. I am with out a doubt a gear head. If there is a technological answer to a trouble, I would enjoy to have it and turn out to be proficient with it.

Now, I assume it is essential to don’t forget that I’m not certain that I want, or even want a pistol light on my gun. What I do know is that I want to obtain out if I want or want the light. That is what this is all about and I’m hoping that you could possibly understand one thing along the way as nicely.

Choosing a Handgun Weapon Mounted Light

This was the initial hurdle when it came to placing a light on my gun, truly deciding what light I was going to choose.

What Brand of Pistol Light?

I started to narrow it down by brand. There are numerous brands out there, but definitely only one particular that tends to make sense when it comes to attaching a torch to a blaster. SureFire. At least for me.

I am quite challenging on gear. I shoot a lot and I count on my gear to carry out. I also have had lots of encounter purchasing cheap gear only to obtain out later that it is just plain low-priced. I do resist paying additional than I have to. I’m not most likely to devote further for characteristics I do not want. You could possibly be in a distinct situation. No sweat. You do you.

Now back to why I purchased a SureFire.

SureFire has a reputation not just for vibrant lights, but also for vibrant lights that operate when exposed to recoil. Other brands do not project the similar self-assurance when it comes to pistol mounted lights. Recoil is abusive and it causes lights to flicker and break. Some switching mechanisms are problematic as nicely.

One more challenge is compatibility. Most lights are going to match about any gun with a rail so that is no trouble. The difficulty is stuffing that pistol into a holster with the light attached. We will come back to this in the subsequent section, but the truth is SureFire is the Ford F-150. There are a ton of them out there and that suggests there are a ton of accessories as nicely.

Reliability and availability of accessories for SureFire lights imply, for me, other brands dropped off speedily.

I hope in the future there will be additional brands that are trustworthy solutions as handgun WML’s. Cloud Defensive and Modlite have delivered high quality lights in the rifle planet. It is just a matter of time prior to they do the similar with pistols.

Which SureFire Pistol Light?

It took me a handful of minutes to operate by way of the weapon mounted models that SureFire delivers and only a handful of minutes additional to narrow these models down to the SureFire X300 Ultra. There are other WML’s from SureFire but every had a disqualifying attribute.

  • XH15 – Like the $159 value tag, but 2010 desires all 350 of its lumens back.
  • X400– – Fancy, but the $500 and up expense coupled with the laser I do not want and will not be in a position to obtain a holster for… Nope.
  • XH30/35 – Overly complex and Joe Weyer from Alliance after mentioned, “If you have a light with a strobe function go ahead and choke your self now.” Joe says items for motives. I listen to Joe.
Pistol light - SureFire XH35.

The strobe, higher, and low modes and all the switches that come with it make the XH35 also a great deal for me.

This leaves the X300U-A and the newer X300U-B. I’m a gear guy, so of course, my gut told me to go for the newer version, but the world-wide-web told me that the X300U-A was the greater decision for plastic rails.

Immediately after I Produced My Selection

I ordered up the 1000 lumen, two x 123a cell SureFire X300 Ultra – A from my distributor. I didn’t have to spend the hefty $299 MSRP or even the ~$265 street value on the light which is component of the purpose I’m interested in this experiment.

It arrived a couple of days later. I opened the box, cast the owner’s manual aside, opened the tail cap, removed the battery saver strip and closed the tail cap. Then I drew my Smith &amp Wesson M&ampP 9 from my holster, removed the mag, jacked the round out of the chamber, checked to make specific it was clear and locked the slide to the rear.

Then the significant moment… I pressed down on the levers, slid the light onto the rail, gave it a tug to make certain it was seated and flipped the switch.

I had a weapon-mounted light on my handgun.

Pistol light - Surefire X300 Ultra A.

Right here is the SureFire X300 Ultra A mounted on my complete-size M&ampP.

My Subsequent Steps 

As quick as it was to truly attach my new light to the gun, there was a superior bit of leg operate that went into producing it occur prior to I turned my pistol into yet another sun. What I assume could possibly be even additional essential to note is that I’m not even half performed.

And that is exactly where I’m going to choose up with the second installment in this two-component short article. Bear in mind this is my concealed carry handgun. I want to deal with a holster and some education to make certain that I didn’t add a liability to the front finish of my pistol.

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