Beer can stove for the two win win!


Ok so I produced a beer can stove. Practically nothing as well fascinating. I went on YouTube, drank a craft ale and utilised the quickly empty can. So uncomplicated, a exciting activity. But then, definitely I want to attempt it out. Where’s my denatured alcohol? I know it is someplace in the garage/shed/utility space……. sooner or later I discovered it, tipped a small into the can and boom! Beer can stove:


But how come the ‘2 win’ win VW? I hear you ask… properly, though hunting for the denatured alcohol I discovered this!!!


My Jerven Original!!!! Yeeehaaaaah!! My gosh I believed it was gone forever due to my oversight/stupidity. But there it was, in the utility space stuffed behind my dehydrator, in a cupboard. Why was it there? I would not place it there would I? I grabbed it, hugged it. Beamed from ear to ear! I am more than the moon! The Jerven is back!

Post Script: I showed my Mrs the Jerven. She stated ‘Oh yeah. What is it? I place that point away ages ago. It stinks of fire!’ (I asked her months ago if she had observed it, but apparently, how the heck is she supposed to know what a Jerven bag is? I really should of stated ‘have you observed my stinky camo sheet thingy…..’)

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