Hahaha. Cheapos so no worries but strange just the similar!

1st was final week, it was a Simmons Pro anything Master series six-18×40 side concentrate. Possibly two years old Quite tiny use mounted One particular GUN. I was going back and forth with my Savage A22M among 50/100 yards and the reticule “POPPED!”

The darn point Nevertheless shot straight!!!

I sent it back final week.

Second was these days. A BSA Sweet 17 three-12×40 AO. BRAND NEW final year mou ted final month and shot these days.

Elevation was fine windage wouldnt move. Ultimately it did. BUT adjustment are two MOA.

One particular click @ 50 moves POI 1”!!!

Like 1st Im nevertheless capable to use it and web site it in as it falls dead on at 50 and 3” low at 100 once again a 22 MAGNUM.

(Told ya I was a bit of a 22 mag nut). I had 5 unique 22 mag rifles at the variety these days! :)

Will need to see what BSA has for warrenty. Was not high-priced scope…



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