AK-47s have a mystic all their personal. But they also have a lot of hyperbole. So…

In this episode we sit down with AK-47 legend Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics. He’s going to set us straight on the truth, myths, and correct viewpoint in understanding these comblock badasses.

AK-47 subjects covered in this interview:

  • What’s Jim Fuller’s story?
  • What tends to make the AK-47 so specific?
  • Is the AK-47 durability truth or urban legend?
  • Is the AK-47 accuracy deficit truth or urban legend?
  • What’s the genuine viewpoint to take when it comes to the goal of an AK-47?
  • What myths, or overblow information, exist about the AK?
  • What positive aspects does the AK have more than the AR-15?
  • What is it about AKs that make them stand up to steel case ammo so nicely?
  • What’s the productive variety of a typical AK?
  • What considerations should be created when searching to place glass on an AK?
  • When it comes to buying the import and price range market place, what should really be searching for in an AK?
  • What are Jim’s thoughts on the Kalashnikov USA rifles?
  • What’s the distinction involving an Ak-47 and it is probably lesser identified brother the AK-74?
  • What’s the distinction involving AK and the substantially lesser identified VZ58?

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