five Locations to Hold Your Bug Out Bag


A BOB is a prepper’s greatest pal, and no matter what, you should really have a strategy to make use of it in order to attain a protected BOL or rendezvous point.

Although you may possibly have spent numerous dozens of hours fine tuning your BOB loadout and pouring more than maps and connected information in order to pick your bug-out routes, there may possibly be 1 basic, Mr. Murphy-authorized flaw in your intricately practiced and researched bug-out company.

You may possibly not be capable to access your BOB when you require it!

It is correct: without the need of forethought and taking suitable measures to make certain you will be capable to attain your BOB when the balloon goes up, the seas roar and the mountains give up their dead, you may possibly be up a extremely unpleasant creek without the need of so substantially as a water filter or a solar charger.

To make confident that does not take place, today’s write-up will provide up 5 locations to hold your BOB as nicely as the pros and cons of every.

Select Cautiously

Each and every and just about every spot you hold your BOB will have its personal share of perks and flaws when it comes to fitting in with your higher survival strategy. None will be foolproof, and none will assure you have your BOB handy when you require it most. The only point that can make that take place is maintaining your BOB with you at all instances. Let’s get actual: pretty much no 1 is prepared to do that.

The apparent resolution to the trouble of storing your BOB right here or there is to “cut the knot” and merely get numerous, redundant, identical BOB’s. Trouble solved! Wherever you go, a BOB will be nearby outfitted with the precise very same stuff in the precise very same way, prepared to roll!

Sadly, a totally kitted BOB is an high priced piece of accoutrement and most preppers will balk at even 1 duplicate BOB, to say absolutely nothing of many. A much more specialized, leaner bag like a Get-Residence Bag can enable fill in the capability gap for commuters and road warriors.

At any price, absolutely nothing beats a BOB when you require to haul your complete survival kit with you in 1 go. Have a appear at the following locations exactly where you may possibly pick to hold your most prized survival possession.

Dan Sullivan's solar backpack and some of his bug out bag gear

1) Residence

Residence is the all-natural habitat of the BOB, and most preppers assume that they will be at dwelling or capable to get dwelling to access their BOB just before bugging out, or will be at dwelling for some time immediately after the onset of a crisis and then later departing after the circumstance has deteriorated to the Point of No Return.

There is absolutely nothing incorrect with this mindset, and for most of us we will be spending, on typical, at least half of your time at dwelling (although with perform commitments it confident does not really feel like it!).

The problems comes in when you are away from dwelling- at perform, on a trip, and so forth. – and a thing so poor takes place you require to bug out now, appropriate now. What do you do then?

I suppose you will be placing your survival improv and austere living abilities to the test eh? Fine, but improvisation is the province of these dealt snake eyes or merely unprepared. You may possibly not be capable to do something about the former, and you should really take methods to stop the latter.

1 alternative is to make use of a GHB, sort of a smaller sized, mini-BOB optimized for having you dwelling to your BOB, or alternately just haul your BOB with you when you leave the residence. It gets old toting them about, but it is doable.

two) Car

Considering the fact that I pointed out it in quantity 1, maintaining your BOB in your car is an completely viable alternative. This guarantees that it will much more or much less generally be close by so extended as you are driving. At dwelling, it is in the driveway. At perform, the parking lot. On a road trip, you are superior. Maintaining a BOB as mobile and versatile as you are has substantially to commend it.

The downsides are car or truck-borne BOB’s and their contents degrade quicker due to the fact they will doubtlessly be suffering temperature extremes hot in the summer season, cold in the winter. This does not do batteries, meals and the like any favors. This can be mitigated with strict consideration paid to rotation and replacement, nevertheless.

An additional flaw is that vehicles are just not safe. If the BOB is visible, it may possibly be targeted for theft. Any thief who breaks in for any other explanation will undoubtedly take or at least ransack it, and if the BOB is hidden and the car or truck is stolen you nevertheless shed it. Automobiles are not protected storage, individuals! If you are cautious about hardening your car or truck and following superior asset protection protocols, you will in all probability be fine, but the danger will generally stay.

three) Workplace / Workplace

The other, much less-exciting spot you will be spending half of your life at. Maintaining your BOB at the workplace guarantees, like maintaining it at dwelling, it will be close at hand should really you ever require it and you take place to be at perform.

For preppers who have household at dwelling or scattered right here and there as component of their usual everyday activities, this will be a major comfort for these who get the signal when on the job.

The downside is the other side of the dwelling coin, merely place if your BOB is at the workplace, and you are at dwelling, you are appropriate back in the very same circumstance. The other main downside is you had greater have a keen understanding of each your workplace culture and exactly where you match into it just before you haul a bulging backpack complete of “survival gear” in there.

If your name or the name of your business is on the developing, you can do what ever you want. If not, judge cautiously. It would not do to have a person who breathes rarefied air stumbling across a bag of what could undoubtedly be tools for conducting a terror attack.

An additional query is protected storage. Will your BOB match into a common locker? If not, exactly where can you hold it out of sight and protected from prying fingers?

four) Self-Storage

A self-storage internet site may possibly look like a strange spot to hold a BOB, but their ubiquity all through the nation suggests you can locate a “just right” place that can afford you effortless ingress and egress quite substantially no matter exactly where you are.

Taking into consideration that most places have modest safety and increasingly much more indoor places are climate controlled you can have a reasonably quantity of assurance that your BOB will be in superior shape, prepared and waiting when you require to go get it.

The downsides to self-storage incorporate prospective problems with access in a pinch or immediately after hours (gates, safety, fences, and so forth.) and the non-zero possibility the units will be hit in an organized way and cleaned out. This is much more of a trouble than you may possibly consider appear into it.

Nonetheless, compared to the typical prepper’s workplace arrangement or car, even a little self-storage internet site will let you ample space to shop substantially much more than your BOB you can turn it into a tiny prepper’s Batcave for a little charge every month. For these who reside in dodgy regions exactly where dwelling invasions and burglary’s are popular, this may possibly be the excellent resolution for protected storage.

five) Cache

A cache could be something from a buried, environmentally sealed container to a hidden compartment in an old developing. The possibilities and positive aspects are restricted only by your imagination. Sadly, so are the drawbacks and they differ just as substantially.

Who may possibly make use of a cache-primarily based BOB, you ask? Very simple, it could be a prepper who desires to preserve a actually zero-profile level of equipage unless it is required, or prepper’s living in regions exactly where items like weapons and even electronics are topic to draconian oversight. It could even be a person who desires to move light and quick to an initial rendezvous internet site and then yoke up just before moving on.

Caching survival gear is wonderful for maintaining it hidden, but may possibly not be wonderful for maintaining it protected. Burying things, in specific gives a host of challenges for preserving your gear, as water, insects and much more can very easily destroy your useful and really hard-won gear.

Plus to verify on it or access it you will have to go by means of the laborious method of locating and digging up your stash, all the when producing confident you are not followed or observed.

Caching in a developing or equivalent internet site generally runs the danger of your BOB getting found and subsequently stolen or disposed of by possibility or force majeure. There are also quite a few prospective off-internet site caches to list them right here.

Caching is a viable, but risky and niche method to stashing your BOB and other survival gear.


If you can’t afford numerous redundant BOB’s, you will have to make a decision on exactly where to shop it. What ever place you pick, you require to make certain as greatest you can your BOB will be obtainable for a momentous SHTF occasion when you require it. Consider by means of all the variables cautiously, hold it packed, and hold it close!

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