Major Ten Ideal Guns for Survival


Quantity TEN – The Mighty Barrett .50 BMG

Okay, okay, I kicked this list off with the Barrett just simply because. I do not personal 1 and I wouldn’t obtain 1, but I’ll inform you what, if SHTF, and you have 1, you are on my side.

The sticker cost ($three,000-$12,000) on 1 of these monsters is sufficient to take anyone’s breath away, but witnessing the colossal *POW* that this poor bitch delivers waaaay down variety will also take your breath away. Nothing at all on the civilian marketplace can provide something close to the *smack* of the Barrett. Consequently, there’s a developing movement in various states (mostly New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Illinois) to eliminate the .50 BMG rifle from the civilian marketplace altogether. California banned it in 2004. So, if you have far more dollars than you know what to do with, this could be a excellent investment. Acquire a couple of and then sell them just after they’re banned nationwide for four occasions what you paid for them. -)

The cartridge choice for these rifles is disturbing to say the least. They come in incendiary, armor-piercing, armor-piercing/incendiary, tracer, and armor-piercing/incendiary/tracer all-in-1. A .50 BMG sniper rifle was applied by a Canadian solder in Afghanistan in 2002 to pull off the longest-variety, confirmed sniper kill in history when he delivered the insane ball of lead to a Taliban insurgent 1.five miles away.


Benefits: it’ll make everyone go “. . . . . . wow” it’ll penetrate light armor with NO trouble folks will open the door for you when they see you carrying it you can disable gear and engine blocks from more than a mile away Produced in the U.S.A.

Disadvantages: cost, size, weight and recoil (ouch!) really restricted availability of the higher-finish, military grade ammunition you’d need to have to completely understand this rifle’s capacity


Quantity NINE – SKS Rifle

For what you’d commit on 1 Barrett .50 BMG you could obtain a truckload of these items. I’m not a large fan of them. A buddy of mine has (perhaps had) a Russian SKS and the point would at times fire two rounds with 1 trigger pull. This might sound cool, but neither of us believed it was. They’re affordable for a purpose.

Benefit: they’re affordable

Disadvantage: they’re affordable

Quantity EIGHT – Bolt-Action .308

Right here it is. You need to have a sniper set up – period, and there’s a purpose the .308 is the most extensively applied sniper round, it delivers – regularly. It might not have the far more flat trajectory of a .270 or the additional wallop in a 30-06 (30-06 ammo), but it delivers, has moderate recoil, and presents a far more prevalent caliber with a wider choice of ammunition.

Of course, the flip side of getting a sniper set up is that it is only worthwhile if you really commit A LOT of time (and dollars) understanding how to use it properly at extended distances. Possibilities are, for everyone not in Navy Seal sniper college, they’re not going to. On the other hand, the rifle can nevertheless get lots of use hunting huge game. The 180 grain .308 cartridge is my top rated recommendation for huge game. It hits difficult.

Benefits: prevalent caliber, very precise

Disadvantage: no fast fire function

Quantity SEVEN – Springfield M1A

What’s superior than a bolt-action .308 WTSHTF? A semi-automatic .308. If you are three weeks into TEOTWAWKI, holed up in your property with stacks of books about your image window to serve as makeshift “sandbags,” you will want the M1A standing nearby. Gotta send a message to The Golden Horde hanging out by your mailbox? The M1A will do it.

Benefits: prevalent caliber, stock 1 round for your bolt-action AND your semi-auto Produced in the U.S.A.

Disadvantages: $1,300 and up ordinarily for a new 1 heavy if carrying extended distances

Quantity SIX – 1911 .45 ACP Handgun

Ah yes, a handgun enters the scene. You have to have a handgun, and the 1911 .45 ACP (Automatic Colt epic water filtersPistol) is a beauty. Let’s say it seems TEOTWAWKI is on the verge of taking place and folks are panicking. They’re out in force to empty the nearby grocery store’s shelves, and you are heading into town as properly to get what ever you can. This is the stage at which you are not going to head out with rifles wrapped about your torso unless you are begging for difficulty – On the other hand – you are not going unarmed either. Shit could break out in the cooler isle as 28 various dads battle more than the final gallon of milk and abruptly 1 them pulls a piece. You need to have to be prepared with no letting folks know you are prepared. On top of that, you need to have a piece for your SHTF “go bag” and the .45 consists of a complete lotta lead.

Benefits: conceal and carry complete lotta lead prevalent caliber

Disadvantages: restricted magazine capacity (ordinarily eight + 1 in the pipe) $800 and up for a superior 1

Quantity 5 – Remington 870 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun

Let’s hear that once again.

The sound is undeniable. You hear that and you quickly know what it indicates, “You wanna roll with me?” The only affordable response is, “errrr . . . . nah, I’ll move along.”

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You can get a shotgun that’ll take a larger shell, but you do not need to have it. The 12 gauge is exceptionally prevalent and it’ll take a assortment of shells: birdshot for game hunting survival purposes double-ought buck for pushing intruders not only down, but back out the window they came in by way of and slugs for something else.

Want to mount that shotgun to your bed frame (lol)? Verify out 1 of my earlier posts on “The Backup” right here.

Benefits: prevalent caliber numerous accessories obtainable for this model (pistol grips, tube extensions, and so on.) obscene knock-down energy

Disadvantages: none come to thoughts

Quantity 4 – AK-47

It is sturdy, created to be thrown into a mud hole for a month when it can be dug out and promptly applied with no cleaning. That may possibly be an exaggeration, but not by a lot. It also delivers a beefy round for a common situation assault rifle. If you are outdoors the United States, there’s probably readily obtainable components and ammunition.

Benefits: banana clips, infant jungled clipped banana clips, infant

Disadvantages: lacks the accuracy identified in other assault rifles created in China, or Russia, or Yugoslavia – you get the concept.

Quantity 3 – Compact 9mm Handgun

What’s a far more prevalent caliber than the .45 ACP? The 9mm. However, it is the most prevalent handgun caliber in the United States applied against police officers. Thugs enjoy it. Enjoy the 9mm, but do not be a thug.

Benefits: less costly to shoot than the .45 (and hence practice with) higher capacity magazines simpler to conceal and carry

Disadvantage: significantly less lead

Quantity TWO – Ruger 10/22 Rifle

I can hear it now, “What!?” That is suitable, the .22 rifle. It is ALL about survivalism. Appear, when TEOTWAWKI hits you are going to want a rifle like the Ruger 10/22 for place some sort of meat on your dinner plate. Squirrels, gophers or the neighbors’ cats, the 10/22 is quiet, productive, and you can shoot all damn day for what it’d price you to obtain a six-pack of PBR.

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On top of that, a tiny recognized truth, Chechen rebels effectively applied .22 rifles for sniping purposes against Russian troops in urban settings. The urban setting consisted of narrow streets and close buildings permitting these “snipers” to get exceptionally close to their targets. They strapped soda bottle silencers on them to additional the effectiveness. I do not care what you say about the .22lr, take 1 in the neck and you will assume differently.

Benefits: currently stated – go obtain 1

Disadvantages: none whatsoever

Quantity 1 Ideal Rifle for Survival

The Mighty AR-15!


This should really genuinely come as no surprise. My only guess as to why so numerous survival writers do not list the “Black Rifle” as their top rated decision is simply because they want to set themselves apart from the pack. Like in politics, when you are the man on top rated, you can count on attacks. There are really strong factors for the AR-15’s intense recognition and cult-like following. There are really strong factors why its the #1 decision of the U.S. military and para-military groups (“AR-15” to involve all variations). It is the most effective – period.

Explaining in excellent detail why I think the AR-15 is the single most effective decision for survivalists goes beyond the scope of this post. I will detail it in the future, nonetheless. In the meantime, fundamentally:

Benefits: really prevalent caliber rapidly bullet with flat trajectory very adaptable platform that makes it possible for the user to meet mission certain wants substantial choices readily obtainable they’re everywhere (which means so are components) wide assortment of obtainable rounds from 55 grain to 75 grain, tracer rounds, steel penetrator guidelines, and so on. really, really light recoil Produced in the U.S.A., and in the case of Bushmaster, Produced in Maine -)

Disadvantages: smaller sized caliber than what’s identified in other battle rifles numerous moving components rather annoying to clean compared to other rifles the gas technique usually comes beneath criticism for throwing the “gunk” back into the chamber (some get in touch with this “shitting exactly where it eats”), even though this trouble has been remedied in some newer models (at a larger price).

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– Ranger Man

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