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October 26th, 2019

Reloading Rescue — How to Get rid of a Case Stuck in a Die


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To err is human… Sooner or later you will almost certainly get a case stuck in a die. This “fix-it” write-up, which initially appeared in the Western Powders Weblog, explains the process for removing a firmly stuck cartridge case applying an RCBS kit. This is not rocket science, but you do want to adhere to the directions cautiously, step-by-step. Stop by the Western Powders Weblog for other valuable Tech Suggestions.

Curing the Stuck Case Blues

decapstem72Sticking a case in the sizer die is a rite of passage for the starting handloader. If you haven’t performed it but, that is wonderful, but it almost certainly will ultimately occur. When it does, fixing the dilemma calls for a bit of ingenuity or a good small kit like the a single we got from RCBS.

The very first step is to clear the de-capping pin from the flash hole. Just unscrew the de-capping assembly to move it as far as probable from the primer pocket and flash hole (photo at correct). Do not attempt to pull it all the way out. It will not come. Just unscrew it and open as a great deal space as probable inside the case.

Spot the die upside down in the padded jaws of a vise and clamp it firmly into location. Making use of the supplied #7 bit, drill by means of the primer pocket. Be cautious not to go also deeply inside the cartridge after the hole has opened up. It is crucial to be conscious that the de-capping pin and expander ball are nevertheless in there and can be broken by the bit.

Drill and Tap the Stuck Case

When the cartridge head has been drilled, a ¼ – 20 is tap is utilized to reduce threads into the pocket. Brass is fairly soft compared to a hardened tap, so no lube is required for the tapping course of action. RCBS says that a drill can be utilized for this step, but it appears like a bit of overkill in a project of this nature. A wrench (photo above correct) tends to make brief perform of the project.

RCBS supplies a aspect they contact the “Stuck Case Remover Body” for the subsequent step. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and have the bit and tap, this piece is effortlessly replicated by a length of electrical conduit of the suitable diameter and some washers. In either case, this tool delivers a standoff for the screw that will do the actual pulling.


With an Allen Wrench, Finish the Job
Run the screw by means of the standoff and into the tapped case head. With a wrench, tighten the screw which hopefully pulls the case no cost. When the case is no cost, clamp the case in a vice and pull it no cost of the de-capping pin. There is tension right here due to the fact the sizing ball is oversized to the neck dimension as aspect of the sizing course of action. It does not take a great deal force, but be conscious there is nevertheless this final small hurdle to clear prior to you get back to loading. Do not really feel undesirable, absolutely everyone does this. Just use much more lube subsequent time!


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