Seamless Corduroy: Riding along with a Snow Groomer


Riding along with a Ski Groomer

Snow date: Winter 2019. We have landed on the snowy lunar surface and are preparing our mission to produce the great seamless corduroy. Excuse the “nerd out,” but I am climbing into Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park’s newest groomer, a PistenBully 400 EV. There are so several joysticks, switches, buttons, lights, and screens that I really feel like I am sitting at the helm of the Starship Enterprise. I’m in awe as I settle into a really higher-tech, space-aged piece of gear that shapes the snow we get to appreciate.

The captain for this ride along is Mt. Spokane’s grooming supervisor, Charlie Karavitis. He appears like he would be completely at property behind the controls of any machine, but specifically a snow groomer, also recognized as a cat or a bully. Demonstrating he knows his machines, he rambles off so several distinct specs that I can not create rapidly adequate. 

Karavitis showed up at Mt. Spokane taking any job he could and creating it nicely recognized that he was determined to run the groomers. That was 19 seasons ago. He is jokingly reminded by his wife that he has “ruined 19 Christmases,” a day he generally has to function.

Charlie grooming a lane down No Alibi // Photo by Adam Gebauer

When I climb into the cab, the very first factor Karavitis says is to place on my seat belt as he checks fluid levels, temperatures, and security lights. Just after we groom a lane on Northwest Passage to the summit, we head down No Alibi. Without having the restraint I would have been plastered to the $six,000 windshield—complete with heated wipers. 

Groomers can ascend and descend amazingly steep slopes, up to 45 degrees. As soon as even though grooming Hour Glass, Karavitis felt like the “whole globe was moving with each other.” Even though not a popular occasion, Karavitis has stories of groomers sliding sideways, operating into chair lifts, and spotlighting a myriad of wildlife like moose and cougar.

Groomers are higher tech machines, and Mt. Spokane’s new PistenBully has a Cummins engine that is utilised only to energy the hydraulics, which then are utilised to move the 3 most important elements necessary to shape the snow: treads, blades, and tiller—as nicely as the winch technique. This 18,000-pound machine is also engineered to evenly distribute its weight more than snow, placing only 1 pound per square inch. New machines also have to pass strict emission requirements, and this machine runs cleaner than operating 23 older models combined. This groomer even has Bluetooth and subwoofers below the seat.

Charlie carrying out a pre-ride verify of the new Pisten Bully // Photo by Adam Gebauer

Karavitis explains that skiers and riders move a substantial quantity of snow down hill. A single of the several targets of a groomer is to move that snow back up the slope, often making use of a winch cat that can move five tons of snow at a time. Winch cats use cable tethered higher on the mountain to assistance pull snow up hill and help groomers going down the steepest runs. 

Karavitis is a single of the couple of complete-time, year-round groomers in the location. In the summer time he performs an excavator and a backhoe to move rock, eliminate roots, and smooth trails. He ordinarily begins moving snow in November, packing it down to produce a strong base for the rest of the season.As we ride along, Karavitis manipulates the numerous controls to make smaller alterations to the level and angle of the blade and tiller. It is element science and element art, and you can inform Karavitis loves his job. He says the purpose of outstanding grooming is to make “seamless corduroy,” or vertical passes so nicely executed you can not inform exactly where the person passes commence and finish. 

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