Anti-fancy.  That is what “Name Withheld” (Is that like FNU LNU?) calls his every day stuff.  From Each day Carry.  Have you submitted yours however?  What’s holding you back?  Heck, I even posted a link…

Anyway, Mr. FNU LNU carries a SIG P365.  You have most likely study my critique of it right here at TTAG (I attempt not to incorporate any hyperlinks aside from these to Each day Carry right here which is why I haven’t listed it…  but if you form Boch P365 Critique into the search bar above, you will see it).  Possibly the most effective smaller, basic goal carry pistol out there ideal now.  If my cart wasn’t currently hitched to Gaston’s item, I’d be all more than the 365 like white on rice.

Back to my guy FNU LNU.  He writes:

I teach daytime engineering classes on a university campus.

This set up is carried daily in Costco cargo pants with an Uncle Mike’s thick nylon belt. The P365 and spare mag hold 20 rounds of Essential Defense. They ride in a Recluse holster in the front pocket.

The square profile of the holster is intentional to hold the hundreds of eyeballs on me every day from producing out the profile of a gun.

The Timex Ironman, Cold Steel Voyager, and 14 year old wallet are prepared for operate each day ahead of me.

I do not carry a flashlight… however.

Campus carry.  Appreciate it.  God bless him.

Gotta appreciate how he aggressively combats printing difficulties.  And with a bunch of individuals watching him lecture, that is certainly a savvy, sensible and prudent choice.