The AR15 magazine, possibly not so negative? ⋆


It wasn’t that lengthy ago the Magpul Masada and FN SCAR have been just prototypes getting talked about in gun magazines you would buy at the retailer. On the on the internet gun discussion boards, excited persons talked about these styles, but you would hear detractors point out that they shouldn’t have applied AR15 mags. As AR15 magazines are the “weak point” of the program. That the H&ampK XM8 was such a smarter style as it had it is personal, improved, magazine style.

I was speaking to Shawn about this on the telephone. He pointed out how it was a subtle adjust from persons disliking the unreliable AR15 magazine, to wanting all new five.56 rifles to use it.

It has been an odd adjust of thoughts set. It wasn’t that lengthy ago that the AR15 was viewed as just inaccurate and unreliable. A lot of outspoken persons on the internet would parrot that you required to clean the gun each 100-200 rounds or it would jam up. This was viewed as popular expertise.

I assume we have come a small way because then.

There are a handful of things to credit for the old wives tales and horror stories, as effectively as several to credit for having us out of that mentality. Through the dark days of the Assault Weapons Ban, persons have been spending prime dollar for old worn out mags. I know when I was in the Marines I was issued mags that might effectively have been older than me. Tons of old mags, that lengthy ought to been disposed off, definitely didn’t support the predicament. We had a lot of persons, repeating stories that had been repeated more than and more than prior to, of how terrible the M16 was in Vietnam. A lot like the phone game, these repeated and changed comments in some cases turn out to be comically ridiculous. But abruptly we had combat vets, coming residence from Iraq and Afghanistan, who have applied their weapons and could report that they are performing effectively. The AWB sunset and we had new magazines to obtain. Organizations like Magpul, and all these defense contractors generating higher volumes created good quality magazines low-cost and plentiful. I try to remember persons saying issues along the lines of “now that we have the Pmag, we ultimately have a great mag for the AR15.”

We even see persons now replacing Magpul Pmags with the USGI aluminum mags. The argument getting that the USGI mags deal with aging improved.

Now it appears that it is anticipated any new five.56 rifle will use the great old STANAG comparable mag. Possibly the style is not so negative.


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