Trapped in Quicksand | Surviving in Quicksand on a Hike



Ryan Garcia survived 10 hours trapped in quicksand.

fresh layer of snow settled on my shoulders and hat. The contrast of white atop the rust sandstone and pines looked lovely—I attempted to concentrate on that alternatively of the numbness in my trapped leg. Only a chilly wind broke the silence of the ravine. I listened for footsteps or voices, but heard nothing at all except the gusts rippling the water about me.

Six hours prior, I’d embarked on a dayhike in Zion with my girlfriend, Jessika. Our route would take us 10 miles round-trip to the Subway, a tunnel-like canyon accessed through boulder scrambles and creek crossings. Snow dusted the ground when we set out at eight a.m. I helped Jessika more than massive rocks and located a sturdy walking stick for balance.

4 miles in, a pond-size puddle blocked the trail. There was no way about the pool, but it looked shallow so, testing the footing with the walking stick, we started to make our way across. All of a sudden, Jessika yelped. She had sunk to her knees and couldn’t get totally free. I lunged forward and pulled her out by her torso, but in undertaking so, my personal correct leg sank to the knee. Jessika was safe—the nearby mud was solid—but now I was stuck.


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