Unsolicited Tactical Guidance From VODA


VODA searching like Young Jeezy playing a pallbearer in a undesirable film:

I have to respect the truth that VODA nonetheless does these videos for the sport of it.  Barely anybody is watching them, and you know he’s not producing any income off them, so it is just out of really like for the game.

two:44 – I really like when he gets all condescending about how theres a guy out of new york who tends to make custom suits for what “you would refer to as bodyguards” … but individuals in the enterprise like him would contact executive protection / private protection officers.  Wow so glad I was place in my location haha.

three:10 – I knew this was going to be headed into “shadow carry” territory.  I have a couple weblog posts about his earlier videos on that point he invented (right here and right here), but naturally he nuked them like he does from time to time.   He goes more than what it is once again in this video regardless… groundbreaking stuff haha.

four:08 – Oh god… this has to be trolling… fellas… he shows that he’s shadow carrying an AR-15 magazine.  No huge deal I thought… he most likely carries some sort of AR.   WRONG.  He goes on to say that even even though he’s not an AR particular person he carries it just in case he runs into an individual with an AR.  Then at four:51 he says “I do not require to carry a bunch of points that are irrelevant to the mission at hand.”  Pure gold.

five:45 – Oh damn right here goes a demo of drawing with a suit jacket on from the shadow carry strategy.  *golf clap*



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