AA Forge Knives Image Thread. Show ‘Em If You Got ‘Em!!


All kidding aside and in spite of the reality that @blue333 did hook me on AAF he was there each step of the way afterward. With the way I named (and contact) upon him and the ensuing assistance I received, youd’ve believed he was the maker :cool:

Thank you for the type words my buddy! I appreciate speaking knives and assisting any one out as substantially as I can. To be sincere, I’m very humble and in reality honored to enable a brother out with any concerns/enable they could will need.
A lot of these knives we post price a quite penny and some individuals want to make certainly certain they are going to be delighted with their knife obtain. It does not have to be an high-priced knife either, I’m a knife guy by means of in by means of! I can respect a $10 knife just as substantially as a $1,000 knife (even though most $1,000 knives are just a name you are getting).
Heck I have a $four spring loaded gas station knife that I retain in our kitchen junk drawer and it sees use pretty much every day!
Yes, I just exposed myself for working with a $four Gas Station knife! Lol!!!:D:D
But that is my point I’m a knife guy, I respect them all!


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