Black Bear Rummages Via Fridge, Steals Taco Meat [VIDEO]



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Teenagers Hayes Sherman and Bobby Harden had been watching Television at the Sherman family members dwelling in Truckee, California, when they heard a ruckus coming from the kitchen.

The noise turned out to be a huge black bear that had wandered in via an open door.

Naturally, the bear went correct for the refrigerator. Following some rummaging, the bear settled on a Tupperware container complete of taco meat.

The bear ripped the major off of the container opened—almost like he’s completed this before—and had a handful of fast bites.



The boys barricaded themselves in the Television area down the hall and notified their mom, who promptly named Law Enforcement.

Inside minutes, a Sheriff’s deputy was on scene. The deputy kicked the door in, enabling the bear to escape—only to shoot it with a tranquilizer just moments later.

Bears in populated regions are sensible adequate to know exactly where the meals is, and the Sherman household created it added-straightforward by leaving the front door wide open. They almost certainly will not make that error once more.

I’m shocked at just how quickly the bear opens the fridge, selects a snack, and then opens the Tupperware container. Hey—he earned that snack.




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