The white stag is the most magical of all of natures beasts, it has identified a location in myth and legend beside dryads and sprites, the distinction getting the white stag genuinely exists if you are pure adequate of heart for it to seem . It is connected to Cernunnos and the hunt, a symbol of the pathway involving this globe and the subsequent, a harbinger of ill omen or very good fortune based on situations. It is mentioned that he who sees the white stag receives a small of its magic, a superior capability to connect to nature and a foresight to aid on future journeys. Images and tales abound about the stag but couple of if any ever see his noble bearing, “have I ever observed one particular?” I hear you ask, funny you ought to mention that….

Not only have I observed the white stag  but also his hind, I am hoping blessed very good fortune awaits.


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