Elk Mountain Canvas Tents For Preppers


Pioneers and Frontiersmen and the military have been employing canvas tents quite significantly due to the fact canvas was invented.  For additional than 100 years people today who spent a lot of time in the back nation wilderness have recognized that possessing a fantastic canvas wall tent is a major priority if you are going to attempt to climate that storm and keep out in these intense environments for extended periods of time. Elk hunting guides are some contemporary examples of people today who devote several extended days in the back nation and their preferred sorts of shelters are usually canvas wall tents like the ones we will be speaking about right now.  The goal of the report right now is to speak about he achievable makes use of of canvas tents in prepping and to present you with some certain information about a single of the very best canvas tent brands on the marketplace right now, Elk Mountain Tents.

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Philosophy of Use For Canvas Tents in Prepping

The initial point that comes to my thoughts when I start out considering how these tents could very best be utilized in an emergency disaster scenario is just as a shelter on your personal house if your residence sustained a substantial quantity of harm in a tornado, forest fire, or other disaster. In these scenario you may perhaps want to keep on your house so that you can assure the contents of your residence are protected and not looted by criminals. Getting in a position to erect a significant canvas wall tent could be a fantastic choice as sleeping quarters for your loved ones for a number of weeks or months till your residence is repaired. On top of that, probably your residence has not been broken but a number of of your close friends or neighbors have seasoned harm, you would be in a position to be in a position to supply them some shelter if it was necessary as effectively.

Or probably a really severe regional or nationwide disaster has struck and there is no energy or not utility service readily available and you have decided to assemble your mutual help group at your house.  Is your residence significant adequate to be in a position to accommodate the complete group? If not probably you could erect a number of of these canvas wall tents to property your group members that could not match in your residence. It may make sense to place the females and youngsters in the residence and have the in a position bodied guys sleep in the canvas tents so that they will be in a position to be additional responsive to any threats that may perhaps come to your house.  Sleeping outdoors would allow the guys to have an benefit as far as getting in a position to see, hear and smell achievable approaching dangers much better than they would be in a position to do so from inside the residence. Now this does not negate the need to have for armed guards as may perhaps be important based on the scenario.


Even though these canvas tents are not size and weight acceptable for a man transportable program (i.e. carrying in a bug out bag) they could certainly be made use of as a main shelter choice for a bug out scenario exactly where you are organizing to use your automobile or truck and a trailer (or an ATV or UTV) as a main choice to carry with you as significantly gear, meals, water, and so on with you as achievable. For me this 13×13 Elk Mountain Canvas Tent will be my main shelter choice for a bug out scenario.  I will nevertheless have a smaller sized light weight tent that will keep in my bug out bag of course, but I would only use that as a shelter in a final resort.  I would significantly rather have the strength, durability and protection of a higher top quality canvas wall tent specifically if I identified my self in a semi-permenent or extended term scenario.

An additional achievable choice may perhaps be to have a Canvas Tent(s) prepositioned at your personal bug out place. Quite a few people today personal compact tracts of land that they strategy to use as a place to go to in case of an emergency but far fewer have sufficient shelter currently constructed at that place.  Have the choice of living in a canvas tent may be a fantastic a single.  The tent could be stored in a compact utility shed with other tools and supplies and then be brought out and erected if/when it was necessary. You could also have wooden platforms pre-constructed that the tents could be set on in order to make it additional comfy.  If you currently have sufficient shelter selections readily available at your main bug out place you could also pre-position a canvas tent(s) at your secondary bug out place.

What Is The Price OF An Elk Mountain Canvas Wall Tent?

As of the time of the publication of this report Elk Mountain is operating a specific value of  $745.00 w/no poles for a 13×13 tent.  You can get the tent and poles for about $1000. Elk Mountain gives guidelines with every single tent in case you want to reduce and drill your personal poles to support you save some expense.  They also support retain their charges down by only promoting on-line so that they do not have to sustain and spend for a storefront.

The expense may perhaps look like a lot when compared to some 3 season camping tents.  But the reality of the scenario is that these tents are not in the similar class as a canvas tent from Elk Mountain.  A Canvas tent will final you a lifetime and can be made use of to sustain life in all 4 seasons.  Nylon 3 season tents can not and do not supply the similar level of protection.  Additionally, you can burn a wood burning stove or a propane stove in a canvas tent to support you establish a micro climate and regulate the temperature inside the tent.  In a nylon tent you can not safely do this.  So yes, a canvas tent does expense additional than a nylon 3 season tent, but it is also significantly additional capable of sustaining life in harsh climates.

Elk Mountain ordinarily ships their regular model tents in about four days. I think my tent arrived in about 3 days.

Elk Mountain canvas tents are constructed of higher top quality polyester canvas which is stronger and additional sturdy and additional mold and mildew resistant than the regular old style of cotton canvas that was made use of in years previous. You also do not have to “weather” or presoak the polyester canvas like you do with cotton canvas mainly because it is naturally water resistant.

Elk Mountain delivers 3 standard sizes.  They supply a 13×13, a 13×16 and a 13×20. The 13 x 16 and 13×20 models are also provided with an awing/front porch to guard your gear as effectively if you need.

Elk Mountain Canvas Tent weights:

13×13 and 50 lbs (Canvas Only).

13×16 = 60 lbs (Canvas Only).

13×20 = 80 lbs (Canvas Only).

Good quality of Building:

Elk Mountain Tents come regular with Fantastic  double stitched seams, reinforced corners, Velcro on all of the vertical corners to make receiving the tent on and off the frame simpler.  It is just really heavy duty all the way about.  Additionally, anyplace that the poles touch the canvas there is a double layer of canvas to avert wearing and tearing in the course of setup and take down.  The metal joint pieces are all really strong as effectively. The steel cable rafter program does an great job of holding items collectively and producing the complete point it significantly additional sturdy.

Elk Mountain Tent Packaging and Carrying Instances:

Massive card board box and the poles had been wrapped in a significant tarp bag. The carrying instances are quite sweet. The tent has a higher top quality stuff bag and a cool program for storing the poles.

Elk Mountain Canvas Tent Setup:

The initial initial setup took my by myself about about two.five to three hours. I think that I could likely get that time down to a small much less than two hours on subsequent attempts.   Two people today who are familiar with this tent could quite very easily have it up in beneath an hour.  Elk Mountain Tents also come regular with heavy duty steel rings on the exterior so that it can also be setup with no metal poles employing the back nation technique by cutting your personal wooded poles.


The incorporated guidelines could use some improvement on labeling which pieces are which and how they interconnect with a single a different. But with a compact quantity of popular sense you can figure it all out relatively very easily.

How Spacious is a 13 x 13 Canvas Wall Tent?

As you can see in these photographs this 13×13 canvas tent is super comfy with two people today employing cots. When I say super comfy I imply two people today could very easily reside in it  for an extended period of time and have lots of space.  This tent can very easily match four people today employing cots with the stove in it. That would likely only be comfy for a couple weeks or much less.  If you needd to jam in as several people today as achievable you could likely match eight  to 10 people today and their packs devoid of the stove if they had been all sleeping on the ground. Of course that would most likely only be fantastic for a week or much less from a comfort and comfort stand point.

What add ons are readily available for the Elk Mountain Tents?

Elk Mountain tries to incorporate all of the most well-liked selections with their regular model tents. So your tent will come regular with a screen front door and storm front door, a back door (devoid of screen), four windows (in the 13×13 model), a stove jack, velcro vertical wall seams, pole tie down straps, storm buckles on the front door, heavy duty D rings for back nation setup, heavy duty tent stakes and tie downs, heavy duty carrying sacks, eve vents on each front and back and all roof seams are pre-sealed at the factory. Most other manufactures charge for several of these upgrades!

A single add on that they supply than I am seriously contemplating is the Heavy duty PVC Tent floor which charges about $100. They also supply a quite sweet rain/spark fly.  I say rain/spark fly mainly because sparks are truly significantly additional of a concern when it comes to defending the life of your tent.  If you consistently are burning a wood burning stove in the tent you have to be concerned with sparks burning compact holes in the canvas. Working with the readily available rain fly will considerably extend the life of the tent if a wood burning stove is to be made use of usually.   You can also get an extended awning as a front porch as effectively. Elk Mountain will also do some custom function as effectively if necessary. But they attempt to incorporate all of the well-liked selections on the regular tents so that custom orders are not necessary.

Are Canvas Tents Anything Preppers Really should Take into account as a Shelter Solution?

All in all I firmly think that a canvas wall tent really should be in the inventory of most preppers.  There may perhaps be some exceptions to that rule, but in common I assume there are several makes use of for a canvas tent that could be rather advantageous in a disaster scenario.  Plus they are terrific for week extended loved ones camping trips, or extended hunting trips even when occasions are fantastic as effectively! I assume if you evaluate the capabilities of a canvas tent to any other tent for a extended term keep the decision is apparent.  Learn additional about Elk Mountain Tents at http://www.ElkMountainTents.Com.

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