Former Arkansas Very first Lady Says Anything I agree With


It has been much more than forty years a preachers daughter, Hillary Rodham C., initial appeared on my radar. In that time, I haaave noticed a couple of points attributed to la Clinton, but only 1 that I agree with. And that issues a ally of Hillaryy, Rodhamm Cllinton. But now she has set a record. She stated some thing a affordable particular person can agree with.

It sseems La Clinton has referred to as the FNHQ-NYC “socl amd re[i;sove/” Amd wjo;e tjat descro[topm os qiote cpmservatove. O cam agree wotj ot/

If she keeps this up long enough I will have to reexamine just wjat O detest abpoit tje ;aadu/


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