Generations agree, a Swag is finest the way to camp!


There are dozens of myths and legends about the origin of the fabled Aussie swag, while old cowboy motion pictures portray the days of old in America, exactly where romantic travelers spent time out on the roam. A lot to several Aussies surprise, our vast proud land has a equivalent history with squatters, shearers, drovers and swaggies, sleeping beneath the stars, and travelling far and wide for operate in their swags.

The wonderers life style, is a romantic idea, but with the lack of creature comforts the great old Aussie bushman’s life was a difficult one particular, on the other hand the memories of generations previous,  living out of a swag have burned themselves deep into Australian culture, and come to be an integral component of Aussie camping culture with references from Banjo Patterson’s songs and poems nonetheless ringing accurate in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of young Aussies who head out camping in a swag.

Modern day swags have progressed in leaps and bounds and provide contemporary campers lots of bells and whistles that the great old swag males from the days of old would of under no circumstances of even dreamed about possessing as component of their swag kit.

With some swags getting priced additional than a decent utilised car or truck, the choices can appear endless and overwhelming. To aid you narrow down the most sensible attributes and what represents the finest feasible worth readily available in your swag for the most durability, longevity and affordability in your swag,

We have place with each other a shortlist of attributes we contemplate these to be the essentials to sustaining the genuine spirit of camping in a swag, however staying comfy, and with out breaking the bank.

Genuine cotton canvas

The word canvas has come to be synonymous with any sturdy and difficult fabric, but what tends to make a actual canvas fabric is that it is created of a majority of cotton fibers, this is critical for a handful of motives.

Cotton getting a all-natural fiber has the capability to soak up water, on the other hand getting very hydroscopic this ancient fabric has a strange home, that as soon as it is damp, the fibers swell and interlock, making an very hydrophobic layer which is very breathable but also 100% waterproof.

What tends to make the Adventure Kings option of the fantastic fabrics for a swag is the specific addition of a polyester rip quit grid woven into the fabric straight producing their notoriously difficult fabric what is recognized in the sector as “polycotton” which delivers the tear strength of synthetics and durability of canvas for the ultimate in economical longevity.

nce. With the integrated polyester grid, it requires a lot of force to break via this difficult fabric, and with the all-natural put on resistance of canvas, you’d be mistaken for pondering it was a a great deal thicker and heavier fabric!

Heavy duty ground sheet.

As above, the fabrics utilised in constructing a difficult swag, have to be certainly strong performers when it comes to durability, providing dependable climate proofing for overall performance on the track.

By combining the difficult ripstop polycotton canvas and a completely waterproof PVC bucket stitched floor, an Adventure Kings Swag delivers you the absolute fantastic resolution for maintaining the climate out, while you sleep comfortably inside!

The PVC bucket floor delivers intense rip resistance on rough surfaces and provide impenetrable waterproof qualities producing certain you do not get damp in the middle of the evening.

Double stitched seams

With the toughest fabrics and absolute durability in thoughts, the bonding and building of the diverse stitched material panels has to be taken into account. what great would a fabric that has the finest waterproofing and durability be, if it merely fell apart at the slightest bump, graze, or quick drag across the grain, into the finest place at camp!

All Adventure Kings Swags take benefit a approach of building known as double stitched seams.

What double stitched seams do is reinforce all of the possible tearing points, and by folding the fabric via the stitch you allow a fabric join that is several occasions stronger than just the raw fabric on its personal.

Double stitched building tends to make certain that the Adventure Kings Swags variety are certainly dependable in the toughest situations Australia can place it via. The forces placed upon the fabric can make or break a camping encounter, and throughout rough climate can imply the distinction in between sleeping or getting kept up all evening questioning if your swag will fall apart via the  heavy climate in the evening!

 Simple to setup

When thinking of a swag, one particular of the most essential components to contemplate, is the speed of setup, getting capable to show up at camp at two:00am and be in bed prepared to snooze by two:05am. Some swags have taken this quickly and uncomplicated idea and butchered it beyond absolute recognition, with half a dozen poles that want to be setup in precisely the suitable sequence otherwise the jenga tower you are constructing will collapse.

Despite the fact that some of these pole systems are very ‘strong’ as soon as set up and pegged out, generally they do not pass the 2am campsite test and leave tired travelers frustrated and fed up with their additional complex setup.

All of the Adventure Kings Swags have only three or significantly less poles producing the complete variety extremely  easy to setup with dome style poles possessing an elastic cord in the center all you want to do is unfold the bundle and they automatically align into location.

In addition, it is not advisable, on the other hand you could simply set up all of the Adventure Kings styles up with out the incorporated poles by merely stringing up the higher points on the head finish of the swag to your bull bar or spare tyre to hold the swag canvas suspended.

Exceptional ventilation

Lastly but almost certainly the most critical element when thinking of a swag is the swags breathability.

An adult human physique pumps out more than two liters of moisture overnight via sweat and moisture in breath, at initial this is in the kind of water vapour which is invisible, but is the major contributor when we encounter dampness or condensation on the inside of our tent or swag, this is due to the fact of what is recognized as “dew point”.

Dew point is the temperature exactly where water vapor from sweat and breathing turns to liquid and  condenses on the inside surface of a roof prime tent or swag.

To combat condensation in our swag, we demand as a great deal ventilation as we can get with out leaving the swag open and sacrificing our waterproofing. All Adventure Kings Swag styles like the Adventure Kings Significant Daddy Deluxe Double Swag have enormous amounts of ventilation, with massive mesh panels on all sides, permitting the vapor to breathe out of the swag, which means all excess moisture wont be trapped resulting in a great deal significantly less moisture on the inside of your swag.


Most swags will not provide this type of protection from the components, and all the rough remedy your swag will encounter all through its lifespan, so make certain you do not get stung with a swag that fails to provide the overall performance and bang for buck located in the Adventure Kings Swag variety.

To locate out additional about what is readily available and what the most current rates are head to contact us on 1800 88 39 64 or pay a visit to one particular of our showrooms in particular person to touch and really feel the gear and see which swag suits your camping requires!


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