Hand carts? barrows? how do you move heavy bulky kit?


Hi I like most Bushcrafters have to rely on contemporary transport to get to the good areas.

I have taught bushcraft and run bushcraft activities for about 10 years and on about 30 distinct web-sites.
About half of the web-sites have been off road and hard to get close to with my auto complete of kit.
I have to carry a fair bit of kit to every occasion, demo kit, show situations, H&ampS kit, tents, and punter flint napping kits (like flint stones), are particularly heavy!
so hw do you move a load of kit in minimal time with minimal dificulty?…it is been a sharp studying curve.
My 1st events have been normally in public parks and I just parked subsequent to my location, but I now travel to other towns and cities and some of the web-sites are actually arkward, one particular I did was in a modest space upstairs in a shop!

At one particular of the web-sites I worked at, I heard this rather depressing phrase:
“The location is by way of the narrow passageway,( :( ) you can not park/cease on the road at all, ( :confused: ) &amp parking is 100yards away”(….:tapedshut:cussing:)

…but of course, client is normally proper, and they had no option, so :rolleyes: never ever thoughts;), and a couple of friendly varieties helpped me move kit!

Did not matter what sort of auto or trailer I had there was no way about the trouble, man handling or practically nothing!

Figuring out I have hurt my back in the previous (and I am finding older) I’ve attempted to uncover a price productive resolution to move all my several boxes and bags effectively and reliably. I have attempted several procedures from ammo boxes with wheels to a table with detatchable wheelchair wheels I utilized as a sack barrow, I also utilized a lightweight sackbarrow but it wasn’t actually up to the job, every technique had flaws, and none looked pretty experienced.

Then it just got silly, I had to do a session, that was 200yards down a muddy track (barely a footpath) the other side of a huge horses field at the back of an old farm, difficult!
Just carrying the boxes and bags tent poles and so on individually would take the greatest portion of an hour, then I’d set up the displays like a substantial tent, not quick.
I’d began searching into what other individuals had completed to carry loads typically some sort of two wheeled cart, but 3rd planet wooden wheels weren’t an choice and so I researched a small and identified to my suprise Armies more than the years have also utilized handcarts, I identified a couple of but all have been primarily based on two wheels, have been just far as well huge and primarily based on much more than one particular mans strength.
This is an fascinating bit of investigation on the topic, Google: “combatreform.org/atac” then click on: “All Terrain All-objective Cart-Sleds (ATACS)”

Then I got fortunate, I was assisting a buddy tidy up his farm stables and spotted a rust covered frame with some wheels, covered in straw and in want of a bit of operate completed.
I figured out what it was and that I’d be in a position to repair it, sadly minus the folding side walls (we could only uncover one particular and it was beyond repair).
He stated he was going to chuck it and I could have it for free of charge…BONUS!!!..

It is an older version of this:
properly just after some fixing and a new OG paint job, I now have a ideal functioning version of this cart, I use it as a sort of flat bed truck, which I can also use as a sort of table to show some of my kit!
I can get all my kit onto it so an typical would be a huge ammo box 2ft x2ft and numerous other bags and boxes, I can tie the lot on an I’ve created two cages in between the wheels to hold H&ampS gear, and 1st help. I only have a family members estate auto as transport but I’ve created ramps so the truck can be pushed into the auto!
when I go to a smaller sized venue I just take a lot significantly less!
When almost everything is strapped on to the truck it actually will take a pounding more than rough ground and will simply take the weight of an adult or two if requires be and the four wheels make the entire issue steady, due to the fact of it is lengthy steering bar(what ever you get in touch with it) it is quick to move about obstacles, two individuals can pull at as soon as, and give it a bit of welly up slopes, (the version beneath has a tractor tow hitch as well). the only issue I’d actually like (which is never ever going to occur) is a hand brake, for when it is not in use.

For Bushcraft and camping in common I would say this sort of kit is way as well heavy and bulky and just not appropriate, but for these like me that teach and want to get to inaccessable areas with a shed load of kit, or for moving heavy/bulky kit from one particular side of a camp web-site to a different it is fairly excellent!

This is comparable to the one particular I was offered…except mine was free of charge! :cool:
http://www.screwfix.com/p/handy-par…tracking url&ampgclid=COKwnLzZ_tECFcMW0wodmiIL6A



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