How to Retailer Vegetables More than the Winter – Contemporary and Vintage Storage Ideas


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We all hate that moment when the vegetable garden meets the 1st years frost. We see these leaves we worked so difficult to develop get translucent and die. Its a harsh reality but its one particular we have to face each year. 

How to Store Vegetables Over the Winter: Modern and Vintage Storage Tips - If you grow your own vegetables storing the stuff you don’t eat or sell is important not only for a survival perspective but it's a great way to save money and have homegrown vegetables out of season.

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Numerous individuals issue the death of plants in the winter implies the death of fresh  vegetables from the garden. If you know how to shop vegetables more than the winter you can have access to these fresh foods by means of most of the cold season. 

The vegetables that shop very best are hardy root vegetables. These can be stored in a quantity of techniques and have been for a quite extended time. Lets appear at a couple of techniques that these can be stored extended term to assure you have access to fresh vegetable all through the winter seasons. 

Root Cellars 

For hundreds of years we have been digging root cellars in the ground in order to take benefit of the temperature stability underground. These cellars are typically lined by stone and wood and are tall sufficient for most individuals to enter. 

In these cellars you would shop your issues like garlic, potatoes and even fresh root vegetables. The very best approach for storing these fresh root vegetables is layered in sand. Yea, typically instances massive barrels would be filled with layers of issues like sand and carrots. These would final for months in the root cellar. 

5 Gallon Buckets 

For these of you who dont have access to a bigger plot of land to dig a root cellar, you may possibly think about a modern day micro version of the root cellar. What if we took five gallon buckets and applied the exact same layer approach. These could be buried in the ground with the lid on and would act just like the root cellar. 

Even though you have to battle garden pests in the summer season you are paid off in loads of fresh vegetables. In the winter you shed lots of that make but you dont have to shed it all.  




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