“If America could be… …a nation of self-reliant farmers…”


“If America could be, when once more, a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers and artists, then the wealthy would have tiny energy to dominate other people. Neither to serve nor to rule. That was the American Dream.” – Edward Abbey

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  1. When a Marine…

    I so appreciate that quote of Edward Abbey. An earthy man.

    I present this quote by an earthy lady:
    “To have a true life, people today should participate in true neighborhood. In truth, a
    new cultural definition of wealth could be not the GNP, but how quite a few people today
    actually know and care about each and every other.” ~ Mary Pipher

    Carry on

  2. cf

    Self-reliance is absolutely the crucial to freedom. Independence from man, dependence upon God and nature.

    Even so, these who want to be independent of, and totally free from, God, have a risky gamble based on nature alone, since independence from God leads to a violation of nature’s laws. And nature is a remorseless disciplinarian.

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